Link: Portfolio Strategies for a Shaky Market (article)

jkom51September 30, 2007

I posted this in the Retirement forum, but this forum seems to get more traffic. I thought a link might be helpful. The article discusses how the timing of when you start your portfolio withdrawals is important: not age, but the state of the market at the time you begin.

Here is a link that might be useful: US News & World Report article: link to posting

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What this article really says is that in order to achieve above-inflation returns, you have to take risks, and one of those risks is that the value of your portfolio might decline for a while. If that happens, and you keep spending money as if it didn't happen, you might run out.

This situation is no different from what it is if you're living off the results of your labor instead of from your investments. If you lose your job, and keep spending money as if you still had it, you might run out.

In both cases, the answer is to scale back your spending during temorary periods of ill fortune.

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