Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door - Remote and Keypad will not sync.

LessThanThreeJanuary 17, 2013

I bought my home this past Summer and it came with the Craftsman garage door opener already in place. The previous owner left instructions on how to change the keypad password and everything was fine. Both the remote control and keypad worked fine with the new code I programmed. After a few months the remote control stopped working, so I changed the battery. After changing the battery the remote still did not work. I got up behind the opener and read the instructions on how to re-program the remote. Long story short I ended up having to hold the red button down to clear all memory. I can either program the wireless keypad and use a code or program the remote to open the garage. Only one will work at a time (which ever one I program first). When I try to program the remote after the keypad I get nothing and visa verse. So, as a new and humble forum poster here I ask if anyone knows how I can get both the keypad and the remote back on the same page?

My door opener has this as what I assume to be the model number 139.53674SRT1

The remotes have 139.53681B

I hope this makes sense and I appreciate the help in advance.

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I have Craftsman opener which is made by Chamberlain. Go to the website for the support phone number. I called them with a problem and they were very helpful.

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LessThanThree, did you ever get this resolved? I am having the exact same problem. I vaguely remember this happening before, but I cannot remember how I fixed it.

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Yes I have exactly the same problem, anyone help?

Is it because remote and keypad are using different technology?

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