Adjoining Rooms with Perpendicular Joists - Hardwood

odiegirl13April 24, 2011

We opened up our family room to our kitchen some time ago and now we are trying to decide what to do about the flooring. The joists in the two rooms run perpendicular to each other. The family room currently has 3/4'' Brazilian Teak. The kitchen is empty.

Our original plan was to put the teak in the kitchen as well but very late in the project we realized that the flooring would look odd running perpendicular. We are hoping to run all of the flooring as it would run in the kitchen and the rest of the main floor.

The subfloor is 3/8'' plywood which I think is installed perpendicular to the joists. The joists are 12" OC.

I am kind of stumped. Should we pull up the existing teak in the family room and run new 3/4'' wood parallel to the kitchen, run it perpendicular as we planned, or go with an engineered wood? I think with the engineered we would have to add another layer of 3/8" plywood as an underlayment and not just glue the flooring to the subfloor???

It does get down to cost as there are roughly 1000 feet to cover on the main floor.

Hope this makes sense.

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