Refinish/update 1980's dining room furniture?

dakota01July 19, 2010

I have a 1980's Thomasville dining room set - you know the medium colored fruit ood - china hutch - buffet - gold finish hardware. With my new home I would like something alittle more modern. But, since my parents bought this set for me I don't think I have the "heart" to get rid of it.

A few years ago, I had the caneing removed and fabric put on. The fabric is still like new. A pretty purple w/torquise accents. It's not a 1980's fabric - it looks nicer. Very traditional fabric

I havent' been using the top part of the hutch - it's in storage. I really like the set better w/o it.

Is it worth getting the set refinished/painted black or a deep brown and putting on more modern hardware? Would that give it a more transitional look?

If anyone has done that - can you share some photo's?

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Jeannie thats an interesting idea. But its hard to tell without seeing the set and the lines of the legs and chairs. Could we see a picture of the set?

You could also consider new chairs or just painting the chairs or mixing chairs. 2 upholstered chairs on the ends might help matters.

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I was just about to post my question, but I searched for "dining & refinish" and saw your post. I have the EXACT same question--I also have a 1980's Thomasville (so it's pretty good quality) dining set and I'm considering getting it refinished to update it. Replacing this set today would be close to $10K, I know.

I, too, would like it done over in black to give it a more updated look. I've popped out the seats and reupholstered them myself, with good results. I have a dining table, 2 leaves, 4 side chairs, 2 arm chairs, hutch with glass china cabinet. I use table pads on the dining table at all times because the finish is like glass and a scratch would ruin it...but, now I'm thinking I'd like the top of the dining table to not be so shiny and be more "family friendly." I hope somebody has done this and could possibly give us just a ballpark as to what it may cost.


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I forgot to mention what inspired me to start thinking about this. There was a show on HGTV over the weekend (it may have been Designed to Sell, but not sure) where they did this and it turned out fantastic. I, however, am not daring/crazy enough to drag my dining set out to the yard and start painting it with black spray paint. :-)

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I dont know if it would have a more modern look or not. But giving it a makeover will very much make it look nicer.

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Nlion - We probably have the same set !! I'm still thinking about having mine re-done in black - but before I do that drastic measure - I am going to try new knobs/pulls. My new home will have oil rubbed bronze hardware and lighting, so I will try to find them in that fininsh. Maybe the will be enough and not using the top part of the hutch will update it enough.

I really want my new home to be transitional- so I may have to get new fabric on the chairs, maybe get rid of the two chairs with the arms and buy two fabric chairs. I have a beautiful, very expensive oriental rug that matches the fabric and drapes, but I may have to find another home for that too.
I think I should wait and see how everything looks in my new home before I take any drastic steps.
Deep down I love my dining room furniture, and it's only used maybe 4 times a year. So I hate to part with it and buy another set.

Maybe someone will give us some other advise to update it - easily.

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