Garage door roller coming out of bracket

boltonJanuary 28, 2008

The bottom roller on my garage door comes out of the far side of the bracket which makes the roller go cockeyed when the door goes up and down. It seems to pull out as the door gets to the very top. The rollers don't seem to be the same distance away from the tracks between the left side and the right side. It also seems that the arm from the garage door opener "appears" to be be lined up more to the left side, but this could be an illusion or possibly standard. I think this just started happening recently. I've tried using silicon spray on the rollers, but that didn't help. I also tried pushing the door toward the right as it went up and that seemed to keep the roller in for that time, but the next time I brought the door up, it popped out again. To be clear, the roller doesn't pull out of the track.

What can I do to fix this issue?


Chris Bolton

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The flag bracket is set too wide. The flag bracket is the bracket that the horizontal and vertical tracks connect to. With the door in the up position, back out the bottom lag bolt on the side that is popping out. Take a hammer and smack the side of the flag bracket moving it towards the door (you should see the track shift as well). Put the lag bolt back in. This will correct your problem. Your other option would be to install a long stem roller in the bottom bracket, but usually I just adjust the flag bracket.

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