Garage/workshop too cold

veronica732January 8, 2010

I have an attatched garage with insulated walls. The ceiling is drywalled but has no insulation. I want to work in the garage but it is way too cold. The snow will not melt from my car. Anyhow, if I insulate with rolled batting how much of a difference will there be? I was originally going to put down R-38. Then I thought I should put 2 layers of R-30 criss-crossed to give me R-60.

Am I going to gain any more warmth by R-60 over the R-38??

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You won't gain much if you don't heat it. What do you plan to use for a heat source?

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My fully insulated attached garage is ~20f warmer than the outside temp when its really cold (zero or less). Its unheated.

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If the temperature stayed below zero, the garage would fall to below zero too.

Insulation dampens the interior temperature swings. More insulation increases the damping factor, but without a heating and/or cooling source any closed structure will be too cold or hot to work in comfortably unless it is located in a very mild climate.

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