Who Are Mtg Electronic Registration Systems

winker58September 21, 2006

I received a Satisfaction of Mortgage by Corporation today regarding a mortgage dated 11/10/04 that was supposedly released in December of 2005. That would be sort of a long time to send a satisfaction all this time later. What is this? Who are they? I read something on the internet about them (also known as MERS) and somehow mortgage companies use them to sign their mortgage/satisfaction paperwork for them. I just don't quite know about this?

Anyone can give me any information??

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Did you pay off a mortgage last year? I hope the satisfaction of mortgage was recorded at your county recorder. You can keep the satifaction paper but if its recorded and the address and legal of your property is correct, it doesn't matter. Did you refinance the house topay off the old mortgage?
Somebody paid off a mortgage which I held today and the paperwork is a pain, so I can see that a bank would pay somebody to do it.

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