Craftsman GDO

andwolfJanuary 15, 2008

Hi there,

I noticed a problem with my craftsman GDO, model # 139.5399011 (~ 3 yrs old). I am trying to program an additional remote. When pressing the learn button on the motor unit, the yellow LED above the button is supposed to light up for 30 sec, allowing the additional remote to be programmed. This however is not happening. The LED lights up under other circumstances and the GDO works properly via the wall switch, the outside key pad and other, previously programmed remotes. Curiously, this problem affects both of my (identical) GDO units. Also, I am unable to reset codes as depressing the learn button for 6 seconds (or longer) does nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Your supposed to push and immediately release the button and then the light stays on for 30 seconds and you can program the remotes. You should be able to push and hold the learn button until the light goes out to erase the memory (Something like 10 seconds, never counted, just hold it in till the light goes out). If you are doing both of these as described then the circuit board has already gone out on you.

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Thanks for your response, doorguy06.
I still do not get any response of the LED from pushing the learn botton as instructed. The GDO functions fine otherwise when operated via previously programmed remotes, the keypad outside the door and the wall-mounted console. Is an otherwise properly functioning GDO unit consistent with a fried circuit board?

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If you are certain you cannot erase the memory and the remotes you have are the correct ones, then yes the circuit board is bad.

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My garage door goes up just fine! It will not close it blinks 10 times then back up. When this first started I replaced BOTH springs and it worked fine for a month. I have adjusted sensors a ton of times. One sensor has a green light and the other amber? Is that the problem?

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