where to find ~80' 3-cushion sofa

mama_miaJuly 9, 2009

I've been looking for a couch /sofa to fit a particular place in our house. The area is 84" wide, and I'd like the sofa to fit as much of that space as possible. Because of the wall placement, it can't be more than 84" , but smaller would be ok, say in the range of 78" to 84" wide.

That part is not so limiting, I can find that size, but I run into a problem with my second requirement. There are three of us that sit there, so I'd like a sofa with three bottom cushions (or one big long one).

All of the sofas I see in this size always have 2 cushions. This is a drag for the person in the middle because you're in the crack!

Any of you know who may carry a 3 cushion sofa that is 78"-84 inches wide? thanks gardenwebbers!

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Stickley has ones that long... and you order the cushions as you like.

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thank you, collector and luann!
I looked at the stickley site, (which geez, could have a better search engine) and saw two I liked - certainly geting closer...

I prefer the one on the hancock and moore in terms of style, but am looking for a fabric vs leather.

these two suggestions have given me hope that there is something out there. in general, I'd like a simple line... because we don't have that much space to work with, I'd prefer that most of the width was for butts and not to waste too much of the width with big arms.

if anyone else has any more suggestions, please add in. thank you!

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Sherrill has a line called Precedent which has a design your own furniture option. You can pick the arms, the length, the number of cushions and the leg type.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherrill Precedent design-your-own furniture

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I'm considering a sofa from Vastu in D.C. They will costumize the dimensions for you:

Here is a link that might be useful: http://vastudc.com/

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Of course, I meant "customize"

Sorry about that.

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