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mjlw30July 2, 2011

Hello, I'm new to the forum; I've been looking for a new mattress for the last two weeks. My current mattress is 10 years old and I noticed that when I sleep on my stomach, I wake up with the worst lower back pain. I thought maybe it was the pillow on my bed but I realized when i traveled for work a few months ago, i woke up every morning feeling refreshed. My first night back home, my back was killing me the next morning.

So, I went to a couple of Mattress stores here in GA. One major retailer and the other specializes only in Mattresses. I'm looking at one called

�Simmons Beautyrest Windsor Plush and the much more expensive one which is a Tempur-pedic, the Rhapsody. They are about 2000k different in cost but I just want something that will make my back feel better. Of course if I can save some money that would be great.


Can anyone offer any insight on either mattress. I know the lady is tired of me coming in there to lay on these mattresses but I'm just torn.

Thanks in advance for any insight

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Any mattress that helps you sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed without pain and inflexibility is the best mattress for you. Always choose the mattress that provides sufficient support and meets your standards for comfort. You can search online before going shopping.

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mjlw30 - Before I purchase another mattress, I am going to see what the return policy is. I have read about so many people who are unhappy with their purchases, myself included. If it can't be returned, I'm not going to purchase it. I know some places will let you do this. I hate the mattress I have now.

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Generally, sleeping on your stomach can make you susceptibe to back pain because it interferes with the normal S-curves of your spine. OTOH, if your mattress is older, it is probably worn. Ten years is about it for most brands. I had a nice plush mattress that I brought when we got married, but DH feels it is too soft for him, so it's in the guest room now.

You really have to try them out and find what's best for you. I would not order anything online I haven't tried that specific brand. Like our salesperson said, one person could try a mattress and hate it, and one could try it and love it, and they're both right. Even Consumer Reports cannot make across-the-board recommendations since preferences are highly individualized. And do read the fine print on the return poliicies.

We bought Macy's Memoryworks memoryfoam in firm, and we love it. We do not "sink" as much as a typical memory foam. It's harder to find a firmer mattress if you want that. Macy's has a decent selection of mattresses and they often go onsale, especially around holiday weekends.

The memory foams do tend to get warm, so keep that in mind.

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Sam's Club has great prices on mattresses. They also offer delivery.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

Lie on the one you are trying out for awhile.

Check the law tag on the one you receive to make sure you get a new mattress.

You will most likely pay dearly for that sleep trial. Small shops just cant offer it and eat the now used mattresses they are taking back.

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