Dressy casual?

deee_gwMay 17, 2014

Here are the party particulars. Small town in South Georgia, at the Shrine club, surprise 80th birthday for an acquaintance. The invitation said dressy casual and men were specifically asked to wear collars (which made me laugh).

Would a dressy tunic top, dark jeans and espadrilles be okay? Or should I wear dress pants?

Don't want to come across as too fancy but don't want to be disrespectful. DH will probably wear khakis and sperry's. Not sure if he will wear a polo shirt or a button down. Men have it so easy!

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I would err on the dressier side. I would wear a dress/skirt or dress pants.

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No to jeans. Dress slacks and a nice top or a simple dress. I agree with Rose. It's always best to go dressier. It shows you respect the occasion.

That said, sigh... there will be those in jeans and very casual attire. These days whenever you get a crowd together, it always runs the gamut.

And you are a GW member, so we expect more from you;)

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LOL @ ellendi --yes, we do. I bet there will be everything there, including Levi type jeans and some guy wearing his best t-shirt. I hope not.

I'd rather see you in some dark ankle pants than jeans.

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Georgia? Summer? I'd wear a sundress.

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It is supposed to get in the low 60's tonight. It is unseasonably pleasant and dry. My blood is so thinned out from living down here that I would freeze in a sundress.

My dress pants look too churchy so I am going to wear the tunic, navy ankle pants and I am vacillating between ballet flats and wedges.

Thanks for telling me to step away from the dark jeans. If I see anything unusual, like a tuxedo t shirt, I will be sure to report back :)

I am bringing a couple of trays of these so I don't think they will turn me away.

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I can almost picture the gathering, dee. It sounds like something in our town. Here the men would all come looking like they are ready for the golf course (or just left it), and the women would wear cotton dresses with cardigans and sandals. It's actually chilly here in central Georgia right now though, so my guess is you will see at least some men and women in jeans. And there are always a few wearing shorts, having skipped over the "dressy" part of the request. Have a great time!

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I agree with your latest idea of navy ankle pants. It sounds comfy yet perfect for the party.

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well I saw on the forum side that you went and met a color expert from NJ.. now you have to report back on how the guests were attired. :)

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The party was very sweet. A few men wore jeans but everything was pressed, belted and shirts were tucked in. No tennis shoes. I saw just a few dresses on the women but everyone looked nice.

Most of the guests were sixty and older. What struck me is that almost everyone had their phones put away, even during the lulls. Can you imagine a party with twenty somethings and no phones in sight?

Look on the discussions side if you'd like to read about my encounter with someone from Pantone!

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