Craftsman Garage Door Opener

dancetaxix2January 17, 2007

Ok it is really cold here and I am tired of waiting for my husband to take care of this...I am taking matters into my own hands...

We have a Craftsman Garage Door opener for a double door, that it aproximatley 15 years old. We recently drywalled our garage because of chipmunks. We removed the eyes from the wall to do this. We replaced the eyes without any problems other than trying to get them realigned. Several days later my husband and I noticed that the weatherstripping had been eaten again. He read the directions on how to lower the garage door further to the ground. Done no problems. We used the garage door for about 3 months without a problem. However in the last two weeks the door will not go down with the opener being used in the manner intended. It will go about 2 inches the light blinks and it stops. However, we can hold down the garage button and it will go all the way down to the floor without hesitation, or light blinking, the led on the eyes are steady. We can not however use the remotes in this same capacity. The door will move freely on the track without being attached to the opener. Hence my wanting to get this fixed now (the cold has really only been in the last four days).

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If the main light blinks 10 times and the door reverses to the open position it is a door sensor problem. Sometimes they are aligned closely enough that the lights will look fine but if you get real close you will see one of them flickering ever so slightly. This will cause the problem you are having.

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Worth a check! Thanks

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