Horchow new chairs

inna0410July 4, 2006

Anybody knows the manufacturer of these chairs? Where could I possibly find them? The Horchow price is steep.



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Send their customer service department an e-mail in which you state your interest in the chairs, but you are concerned about quality as the brand is not published on their web site. Then outright ask the name of the manufacture. Horchow is owned and operated by Neiman Marcus...as a retailer, they should have no issue with disclosing the manufacture. I've sent them e-mails in the past and have gotten the response that I was after.

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I asked this past month about the identity of a sofa manufacturer and telephone rep laughed and said no way would Horchow reveal that info.

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You are so right Ossienyc! I have sent Horchow many e-mails asking for addt'l info and received it. But never on furniture. So after reading your post, I decided to send an e-mail to see what kind of response I would get. Sure enough Ossienyc, they said that they had an "agreement" with the vendor to not disclose the manufacturer. This is what they wrote to me via e-mail:

"Thank you for contacting Horchow Online.

We received your email requesting vendor or manufacturer information for the ottoman, item #HCOS6_F9027.

Due to an agreement with the vendor, we are not authorized to release this information.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, however, if you have a specific questions regarding this particular item, we will be more than happy to research your request.

As soon as we have received the information from our buying office or our vendor, we will contact you.

Thank you again for shopping with Horchow Online.

We are always happy to assist. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Jensen

I responded with the follow e-mail.

"It is very suspicious that Horchow actually has an agreement to hide the
name of the manufacture.. Every store and interior designer that I have
ever purchased furniture from identifies the manufacture. I know my bed is
from Baker; my nightstands are Hickory Chair; my living room occasional
chairs are Donghia; and my dinning table, chairs, and sideboard are Kindel.
My family room occasional chair is EJ Victor with COM. My desk is Stickely.
My media room leather sofa, chair and ottoman are Hancock and
Moore...Indeed, I know the manufacture of every piece of furniture I own. I
even know my fabric manufactures: my dinning chairs are covered in Zimmer +
Rhodes fabric; several chairs are covered in Donghia and a sofa is covered
in Karvet. My drapes are made of fabric from Brunschwig & Fils and Hines &
Co. My bedding is Sferra. I even know the brands of my accessories--such
as lamps and mirrors.

I have never heard of a 3-party retailer engaging in a secret agreement to
hide the identity of the furniture manufacture. I can only surmise that it
must be over priced junk. Probably no brand at all or the likes of Vanguard
or Hekman furniture. Like most consumers, I know what I am buying before I
buy it."

Another customer service rep sent me back a note stating she thought I made some interesting points. Thus, she was forwarding my e-mail to the person in the organization that makes the decision on these matters.

As I stated in my e-mail to them, I have never heard of a retailer hiding the manufacturer from the consumer. It is very strange behavior. Truly, have you ever had a furniture store salesperson say to you, "We cannot disclose the maker of that sofa."

My hunch is they have low quality factory mills produce most of their stuff; since they present themselves as a high-end retailer (owed and operated by Neiman Marcus), they do not want to disclose the fact that their furniture is produced in a low-end mill. It happened that I received a Horchow catalog the other day and saw the chairs mentioned in the original post. If you look closely, you will see two strange indentations in the wood on the left side of the chair only. The wood looks like it has been "scooped" out. While the wood is suppose to look distressed, the factory obviously did not execute the technique very well. The indentations look more like flaws. That chair would be a reject if delivered to most consumers. Interestingly, Horchow did not catch the noticeable "flaw"they photographed the chair and printed the photo in their catalog. Does this mean they really donÂt care about the quality of the furniture they sell?

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Bubbe here, A regular on the Cooking Forum, just dropped by and I have an idea. Why don't you contact the editors of Domino Magazine and see if they will search it for you or find a similar chair. They are in the business of revealing sources so we who want to go the non-decorator route can find things ourselves.

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Hey Bubbe--sounds like an great idea!

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I know several furniture sotres which put their label over the brand of the furniture they sell, so hiding it is not unsual. They don't want you to buy it from someone else, that's all.

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Beware of Horchow! Although, I do love Horchow's things, but now, will ONLY buy their items "on sale" ever since I ALMOST ordered barstools from them, and then saw the very same ones at a store in town. Besides them being over $100.00 EACH more expensive than the ones I found in town, I would have had to pay shipping on top of that. I can see paying the shipping over a reasonable price, but they really jacked up the price.

I don't mind paying good money for quality items, but I also don't want to feel I got cheated either. For now, I just look at their magazine and good ideas and try to buy them elsewhere!

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I did quite a search since my last posting. In the meantime, I ordered one chair as a sample from Horchow. I do have a permanently valid discount code for them - WELCOME for a 10% dicount and BEST for a free shipping. I received a chair (it was gorgeous - great quality). Located the label under the seat (Maitland-Smith), located Maitland Smith and after speaking to them, located the dealers in my area. Spoke to a dealer, who said that usually what M-S sell through the Horchow is the Horschow's exclusive. They would be unable to supply those chairs to me.

So, instead of the usual waiting until Horchow.com runs a 20% discount event (for a fear of changes in their product line), I ordered the rest of the 5 chairs with the same 10% discount code and free shipping. I realized that saving $300 on the total order (additional 10% when 20% discount applies) is not worth the risk of losing those chairs altogether. Voila. I am happy anyway.

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Horchow very recently had 25% off coupon (SPRING25?). With coupons like that and then if you make sure to visit their site from cash back sites like ebates that pay you around 3%, you probably can get down to North Carolina price if they don't charge you taxes. Unfortunately, they charge taxes to VA as we have Neiman Marcus in the state.

But, their shipping prices are insane!

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Anyone have a clue as to a manufacturer of this chair. As stated above, Horchow will not give out any info. I've been searching. Thanks.. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/468374429966243779/

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In my opinion Horchow is not going to tell you who makes their private labeled products.

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V-Dub Furniture Store In Arizona

I my opinion send their customer service department an e-mail in which you state your interest in the chairs, but you are concerned about quality as the brand is not published on their web site.

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Elite Interiors & Furniture Gallery

The link says the page is no longer available but holding the curser around the link gives Maitland-Smith which is a manufacturer & Horchow does sell some Matiland-Smith items. We have had good luck is assisting our customers with Horchow products.

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