Lift Master opener won't go back down

timproJanuary 1, 2010

I have a ~19 yr. old Lift Master garage door opener model 1160 and I've been having problems with it going back down. I've had to use the doorbell type wall switch to make it go back down recently and now it won't go down even with it. It doesn't hum, it just clicks when I push the doorbell switch or the remote. I've disconnected the trolley and it doesn't appear that it's hit any manual stops of any kind. It's in the up position and won't go back down. I'm using the door manually now. I've been having remote problems so I've held in on the yellow smart button for about 30 seconds but that didn't fix the remote problem (wife's car remote opens both her and my doors) and I don't think this contributed to the door not going back down but thought I should mention it.

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Make sure the trolley isn't jammed against the stop bolt just in front of the motor unit. If it is remove the bolt and run the opener until you get the door closed. While the door is closed locate the 'up limit' control which is on the side of the motor unit. Turn this 2 full turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Don't forget to replace the bolt.

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The trolley is about 12" away from the bolt so I turned the up limit control away from the arrow (to decrease travel) about 4 full turns and it moved several inches towards the bolt (higher). I continued to turn the control away from the arrow (counterclockwise) about 8 turns. The trolley then continued up until it hit the bolt. I removed the bolt and activated the opener and the trolley continued up until it stopped (as high up as it can go I assume). Now when I activate it it just hums (I assume it's trying to continue to go up) and then quits humming. I turned the limit control the other way 8 turns (to get back to where I was) and now it doesn't hum, it just clicks which was my original problem although now the trolley is as high as it can go. It acts as if it only wants to go up, not down. What do I do next? It never has tried to go back down. Thanks.

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Remove the cover and watch the limit switch assembly. It is fairly easy to figure out how it works. If it is making contact and not turning the motor off it is time for a logic board.

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I turned the limit switch so it would try to raise the door more (even though it's at the top) so I could get the motor to buzz to see if the switch was making contact - it is not. I forced it to make contact and the motor didn't buzz with activation. I assume then that the switch is working and that I need a new logic board?

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