How to get this stuff off of sub flooring?

pkspigsApril 21, 2010

I have solid vinyl Kentile in my kitchen. It is the type when laid up against another piece it looks like it has a grout line and NO seems can be seen. Be that as it may, the installer, why for the life of me I don't know, did not adhear each piece tightly against the other piece and now I have gaps all over the flooring. It is approx. 13 years old and looks very good, but the cracks in the flooring hold all kinds of nasty things. I can run a knife blade into the cracks and get all kinds of gunk out. There is a solid 3/4" plywood subflooring under this kentile that was put down with Kentile glue. How in the world can I remove this flooring without damaging the subflooring. It is the exact level of my dining room flooring with the tile and I will replace with something the same thickness. Thanks for any advice, PK

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Sometimes the gapping has nothing to do with how the flooring was installed, but due to something we call plasticizer migration. I have rarely seen plasticizer migration with the Kentile product however.

It may be possible to pop up the Kentile with little damage to the plywood. How successful you will be has everything to do with what adhesive was used to bond the Kentile. If it was the brown or white alcohol-containing adhesive, you should have little trouble getting them off the floor. I have removed some of these floors and then sold the tiles on Ebay.

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