Idea on insulating my pole barn

obrionusaJanuary 19, 2012

I own a landscaping business and work on equipment during the winters. I was thinking of an idea on how to insulate the ceilings and want some input. Get some thick clear plastic and staple it to the joist with cardboard strips. Then tack chicken wire over the plastic. Nail some furring strips every 24". Get in the attic and blow 6-8" insulation. So I'ts going like this. Plastic stapled to the ceilings with cardboard strips, chicken wire tacked or nailed to the joist, Furring strips nailed to the joist for added support.

What do you think? I plan to put metal later on the ceilings, but dont have that much to spend now.

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What's the sq. ft. of the ceiling area?
Have you priced out the cost of your wire/cardboard & furring strips vs buying 1/2" sheetrock?

DS has a couple of pole barns and beside the problems you could have from mice and rats chewing on the plastic, I think it's going to be a headache installing chicken wire on top of plastic without tearing or punching holes in the plastic.

If you live in a metro area, check out building material recycling sites or salvage yards. You may be able to pick up drywall or plywood at affordable prices.

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What type of roof?

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