Not a garage door opener question!

sandsonikJanuary 1, 2008

Because my garage isn't even wired for electricity though I'd like it to be one day...

I have an old detached, concrete block garage. I'd like to hang pegboard on the walls to hang up tools, hose, etc. How hard will it be to get the pegboard into concrete? Any instruction appreciated, or alternate ideas. Do I just need a masonry bit for the drill and drill in screws? I'm a little concerned that I'll damage the walls.

The odd thing is, I was just at Lowe's and all I saw were rail systems and no pegboard at all so I'm not even sure where to get it, but I always thought my grandma's pegboard walls in her garage were the neatest thing and for my needs it seems rather more useful than installing shelves (garage too narrow anyway) or a rail bar system.

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you will have to mount some furring strips to teh wall, then mount the pegboard to that. otherwise, there won't be room for the pegs to go behind the board! i usually use some 1x2 strips and nail/screw them to the wall. then put the PB up and screw it to the furring strips. i prefer to run the strips teh full height of teh board, spaced about every 16 inches or so across it. otherwise teh board can get flimsy. you can buy 1x4 and then rip it down to 1x2 if 1x2 is not available at your local lumber yard. or even cheaper, if you have a bunch of scrap wood around just nail them up. just make sure they are all the same depth!

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Thanks, I actually think I have some 1x2 in the cellar - and I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier that I'd need to do that. Is it possible to drive nails into concrete block though? I figured I'd have to drill screws in, I was just worried I'd end up tearing the concrete apart! I assume some sort of adhesive for the furring strips is not an option, huh?

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Use 3/16" tapcon screws. They can be purchased at most home improvement stores and come with a 5/32" concrete bit. The bits dull fast and break easy so I always buy an extra bit. Predrill the 1X's or they will split. I use 1X3. Construction adheasive will add strength. Try to drill the block in the web of the block and make sure the hole in the block is deeper than the length of the screw your using. Also I prefer 1/4" pegboard. It also comes in white which can really brighten up a shop.

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you CAN use concrete nails, but tapcons are easier on you if you have a lot to do. if you use nails, nail them inthe mortar, not the block itself. for tapcons, either will work though the block is prefered.

i will use nails if i only have to put a few in. mainly because when i need them i can never find my tapcons!

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