Two cushion or Three cushion Sofa?

stir_fryiJuly 24, 2009

I am curious why people buy one over the other? Is it style or comfort? I think a two cushion is great until you have people over and three want to sit (one is in the crack).

Is one considered more contemporary than the other???

PS: Anyone heard of Cochrane Furniture? My local store now carries it and I have never heard of it.

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Two seat sofas generally have wider (more comfortable?) cushions. Also, even if you have a 3 cushion sofa you'll rarely see more than 2 people sitting on it at a time. It's just too cramped for 3 people.
Despite all of that, there are far more 3 cushion sofas sold than 2 cushion sofas. So, have fun making your decision.
Two cushions can often be more contemporary than three cushions but not always.
Cochrane is an old line furniture company that has been around for over a hundred years. They are primarily known for their solid maple dining rooms but also make high quality bedrooms and living room furniture.

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I prefer a 3 cushion couch. If you do have 3 people sitting on the sofa at one time, the center person does not end up sitting on the crack between the cushions.

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But if you have a three-cushion sofa and two people sit on it, unless they smush themselves up against the arms, they probably end up sitting on the cracks also.

So I guess the question is are you more likely to have two people sit on your sofa, or three people? ;-)

(I'm planning to buy a two-cushion sofa because I like the way they look - very sleek - and because usually there will be only 1-2 people sitting on it.)

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I think it's true that a 3 cushion sofa is more practical and common than the 2 cushion loveseat. I say this even though I think that usually you'll only have 2 people sitting on it at a time-- unless you have 3 very close family members coming over. It's cultural I think. We Americans like our distance. I got to a lot of discount furniture places and the loveseats far outnumber the sofas.

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I have a two cushion in the living room and a three cushion in the den. I much prefer the three cushion for comfort and so that three people can be comfortable.

If your sofa will be used by three people from time to time, I highly recommend three cushions over two. The three cushion works well in all situations. If I take a nap on it, my hips don't end up in between the cushions (not that they fit!).

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Here's my experience -

People would rather sit on the floor than be the third person on a couch.

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Now that our kids are grown, we really crowd the house at the holidays. We host the holiday meal, relatives are included and the kids' spouses and SOs. Therefore, a 3 cushion sofa is the answer for us at this point in our lives.

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Here's my 2 cents worth here. I have both. On the two cushion couch the center (where to two cusions meet)tends to push up in the center because the majority of the use is on the edges. The 3 cushion don't do that. When I do it over, I would prefer two love seats over a couch and love seat.

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