Why Remodeling Your Garage is a Great Idea

aviadstarkJanuary 19, 2010

Every man (and some women) dream of the ultimate hangout - the man cave. You'd be surprised how easy it is to actually grasp that dream and make it a reality.

Today there are so many options and alternatives to approaching a garage organization project that it can be overwhelming - lots of brands to choose from, storage systems, flooring options - you name it - the garage is no longer a place to store your junk - it's actually become a part of everybody's home.

Personally I'm a car junky so this is right up my alley. But many garage owners that are sports enthusiasts, avid gardeners, motorcycle fanatics - you name it - there's a garage system out there with their name on it. With prices coming down because of competition and the slow economy - it's a good time to make an investment and improve your garage for obvious reasons.

The first reason why you should remodel your garage is that it will force you to unclutter it and get rid of junk you don't need. You can actually opt to have several garage sales or use ebay and craigslist in order to sell your stuff and make some of that money you spent on your new garage back.

The second reason being is that you can actually gain another room in the house. I personally know some people who chose to turn their garage into a kids playroom rather than keep cars in it. You can opt to use it as an additional storage area. In states like Florida where basements are not permitted because of hurricanes which result in flooding, a modern and clean garage is the alternative to your typical basement. Many garages are attached to homes making them ideal for expanding your living space - nothing like throwing your in-laws on a pull out in the garage - right? Many have turned their garages into home offices or the base for their small businesses - the options are all there - all you have to do is be a little creative and you'll gain an additional 400-500 square feet of space.

One of the things that most people don't realize, and this is where we get to the third option, is the fact that remodeling your garage actually increases your home's value. Many people dream of the ultimate garage but never "get around" to actually doing it. You'd be surprised on how much of a selling point a garage with a a nice storage system consisting of garage cabinets and a garage workbench would do. A $3,000 investment could raise your home value by up to $15,000 - the more you'll invest the more your home worth and value will rise.

And finally - the honest reason why we all do it - why those who decide to reorganize and renovate their garage do so - they want their own personal corner - that home away from home which happens to be... at home. A garage is sort of an escape zone - it sounds weird, but it's where guys play poker or work on their projects, it's where kids hang out and rock out, it's where my wife does a lot of her gardening and potting and it's where we all store our stuff - tools, bikes, lawn mowers, snow blowers - you name it - this is the most multitasking space in your house, and there's no need for it to look like a trash disposal facility.

There are many companies out there that sell garage organization products - some better than others - prices mostly fluctuate based on quality. I'd recommend a metal setup that's flexible and expansive like the Gladiator GarageWorks system as it doesn't actually commit you to doing all your buying at once and you can always add onto the system as you move forward and find things you need for it. The quality is unmatched and you can buy their hardware pretty much anywhere you look. There are other garage products that are far more expensive and expansive but to each his/her own - I highly recommend sticking to a budget. I know some people who have dropped $50K on their garages without flinching (lucky bastards).

Remodeling and organizing your garage does wonders for you life, wonders for your house and wonders for your car - it just makes my Infiniti FX35s look that much more nicer when I click the clicker and those garage doors roll up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage Organization

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