Canadians, esp. Ontarions: anyone want to buy a cheaper new car ?

joyfulguySeptember 23, 2007

As many of your know, same model of cars have been able to be bought in the U.S. much cheaper than here for many years.

Some Canadians were going to the U.S. to buy cars in earlier years, even given that exchange rates meant that we had to pay more Dollars Canadian than we had to pay to the U.S. dealer when we purchased.

Now that the Canadian Dollar is almost at pAr, it makes even more sense to do that.

It's now difficult for many of you to do that, as you have to work every day and it might be difficult to make the arrangements on weekends.

Being as I'm retired, I have some freedom to spend time on arranging such transactions.

If any of you might be interested, perhaps I could arrange for you to buy a vehicle down there.

Furthermore, since they tell us that, as the Canadian stock market is only 2% of the world market, we Canadians should diversify abroad.

Which has included buying not only U.S. assets ...

... but assets based in other countries, as well.

However, it is difficult to buy stocks in distant countries, and transaction costs are high.

It's easier to buy such stocks using what they call ADRs - American Depository Receipts, a system operated by U.S. banks in New York.

Which means that that New York-based component of those those foreign stocks also have their prices based in U.S. Dollars.

Since I don't own a home (thus am not eligible for the freedom from income tax on the capital gain when it's sold) but have invested in stocks instead, including some U.S. and foreign ones ...

... the 15% of so reduction in U.S. exchange rate in the last month or so has hurt my valuation of not only my U.S. companies' stocks, but all of those foreign stocks, s well.

So I'd like to regain part of that potential loss.

If you're willing to share your savings with me, perhaps we can make an arrangement for me to arrange your purchase of a vehicle in the U.S.

One major proviso - you might have to forego warranty services.

They're discussing the ramifications of this situation on a nation-wide phone-in radio program on CBC Radio One from 4 til 6 now on Sunday afternoon, Sep 23.

A guy just called in to say that he can buy an All-terrain Vehicle, built by Bombardier in Montreal, for $2,500. lower price in the U.S. When he calls Bombardier to complain, they say that pricing relates to market conditions ...

... and about all that they can offer him should he choose to buy one in the U.S. ...

... is to tell him that if he buys one in the U.S. and brings it back to Canada ...

... they won't honour their warranty.

And he says that at least one ATV dealer in the U.S. has been told by his supplier that he's not supposed to sell to Canadians.

Good wishes to all of you for a lovely autumn weekend - and week ahead.

ole joyful

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This was big news recently in the Seattle Times for obvious reasons, but dealerships are being heavily fined for selling to Canadians and many won't take the "hit". This doesn't apply to used cars.

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Funny but in the 1980's I was buying my Volvos in Canada and bringing them to the states. I got about a 35% exchange on my money, a bigger discount from the dealer in Canada and got refunded the manufacturing tax that was supposedly included in the sticker price of the Canadian car. I paid no sales tax or value added tax, but had to pay the US State sales tax. I paid a tariff of 2% or about $280 per car. If I had bought a US brand car manufactured in Canada, there would be no tariff. The funny thing is I was getting such a deal on the cars that a few times I sold the car in the US at one year old for more than I paid for it new. So, for a few years I had a new car for no more out of pocket funds. The New England volvo dealers put pressure on Canadian Volvo and thereafter they would no longer put the proper EPA and DOT stickers on the cars so they couldn't be imported by individuals.
The warranties were good in either country. In fact if you read most vehicle warranties it says that they are good in the US or Canada. My US Volvo dealer told me to bring the car in anytime for warranty work and they would treat me the same as if I had purchased the car from them. They always waiting and no fuss.

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