Fish Are Jumping And The Cotton Is High

dcarch7February 25, 2012

These were made yesterday for Good Friday.

Chilean Sea Bass and many other fish are about $30.00 a lb in NYC. So instead I went to Chinatown where they have tanks and tanks of swimming fish, and bought a live swimming tilapia, at $2.75 a lb.

It takes a little work to dress and scale a live fish, but the result is well worth the efforts.

Live, never been frozen fresh fish is much better than any "fresh" fish at whatever price. No comparision.

For dessert, I made jelly with orange flavored cotton candy.


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No! Tell me you didn't hurt that guy while he was still alive DC!
Is that blood?

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But... if you made that for Good Friday how do you plan to store it for over a month without freezing it? :-)

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Ditto the above posts!

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That fish looks good ! ! !


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jasdip, The way to deal with a live fish is quick and simple. I have a heavy cleaver and one blow on the fish head is what it takes. As you can see, the fish is very well-done. The red is from pomagrenate sauce.

I figure that it is very important to cook live fish well-done. Not having gone thru deep freeze, there may be bugs that have not been killed.

Thanks Rusty. Those of you who go fishing and have enjoyed fresh fish that have not been frozen, will agree that there is a difference in taste.


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I wonder if jasdip meant the third picture. Not sauced, but still red, along the fins and the scales at the back look it too.

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