Minimum width for a side-entry driveway?

jack427January 13, 2013

My bungalow-style house has a basement with a walk-out on the side and a side yard 28 feet wide. I want to knock out the wall and park in the basement. Is 28 feet wide enough to accommodate the driveway, including the turn into the side-entry garage?

I believe that there is no setback requirement for driveways in my area (or that I could obtain a waiver, given that zero-setback driveways are fairly common in my neighborhood).

Also note that I'm okay with a "minimal" rather than "generous" solution. My neighborhood is older, and of the houses that even have garages (most don't), those garages tend to be barely big enough to fit a car in. I do not care about sizing this to accommodate a Hummer or full-size long-bed pickup truck.

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How wide will the garage door be?
With 28' to work with, I'd hope for at least a 10' doorway.
Driving in is less of a problem that backing out. You might try mocking up the layout in a parking lot and testing your maneuvering on a rainey night. You might finding that making the driveway extra-wide is helpful, also.

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Bridget Helm

my garage is is a side entry (20x21feet) and the driveway in front of it is 19 feet. so we have a 12 foot wide driveway that turns into 19 feet in the area that is used to drive into the garage. i back out of the garage and stay in reverse all the way down the driveway when leaving the house. hope this helps

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