RATS in Garage attic.... Maybe squirrles?

rodcoJanuary 19, 2011

I am turning my 24x24 cement block garage into a workshop.

I was going to leave the sheetrock ceiling in place that the previous owner had installed. I noticed a damp yellow spot and started to remove the drywall. I am glad I did. To begin with, the insulation was only 3 1/2" thick. Next I found that almost all of the insulation had been ground up and was actually one big roden nest. I had 4 Large trash bags filled with debris and droppings. I am not sure if it is Rats or squirlls. I also noticed that they had chewed the wire insulation.

I need advice on the following:

1- Now that I have removed the nest..will the rodents be gone?

2- What do I spray the ceiling joists with to remove any germs or smell?

3- Is there anything I can put up in the attic to keep the rodents out? (moth balls? Borax? Cedar shavings?

4- I am going to reinsulate. Anything I should put in to avoid the same situation?

Thanks in advance

Robert- Pittsburgh

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Rats and squirrels are never welcome in attics. I wonder if you over heard any activity up there before demolition? If not, the rodents are probably not currently in the attic. The hole where the crtters are coming through needs to be closed. Replace any chewed wood and reinforce vent gaps with quarter inch welded wire mesh. The previously chewed wood can also be covered with the mesh to keep squirrels out.

The smell needs to be treated with an anti bacterial spray. Bathroom cleaners can accomplish this task, but many of those require rinsing and that may not be an option. Odor eliminators are available. Many have generated rave reviews and do not require rinsing.

Seal the holes, get it clean, and put it back together.


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