Ethan Allen furniture... comments on quality

MercymygftJuly 1, 2005

We're looking at Ethan Allen furniture. I know it was considered good quality years ago. Does anyone have any experience with it recently?

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I wish! I ordered some dining chairs on Memorial Day weekend and I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive...

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Recently Ethan Allen has a lot of furniture that is "Made in China". This has contributed to a drop in quality. Unfortunately, this is an industry trend thatis spreading. For instance, Tomasville recently announced it is closing some North Carolina factories in favor of overseas labor. Before you purchase the Ethan Allen piece, make sure you know where it is made, the wood used, and the construction. Unfortunately, their quality is not consistent across the line so you can't simply assume these answers anymore.

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If you search on here you'll see lots of comment on EA. I grew up with EA Custom Room Plan furniture and spent many hours at their old-style colonial store with my mom. Their stuff was of excellent quality back then.

Now, as an adult, I have in my apartment a British Classics bed, dresser and nightable. They seem to be pretty well made. The dresser has dustguards between the drawers, which is a nice touch that I didn't think they did anywmore. They were purchased in 2002 (bed) and 2001. They were made in the U.S. but recently I heard they are now making some of the BC pieces in China.

This year I received a Horizons media cabinet. I should say last year I received it, they didn't get it right until this year (and even then it still has issues). This was made in China and as you can tell I wasn't pleased with the quality. I don't know if I'll buy from EA anymore because I think just in the past few years quality has gotten worse and it will only continue to decline, IMHO. People on here have listed good, smaller furniture manufacturers, that charge about the same. You should see what they have to offer.

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Yes, do a search of "Ethan Allen Furniture" and you will see it has been discussed often.

I have purchased many pieces from them starting 20 years ago.
I recently took delivery on two tables from the New Country Line, and am very pleased. I know the issue of some of the pieces being made overseas has been addressed, however my tables are clearly stamped "Made in America."
The New Country pieces are also distressed, so it may not be as easily to tell if there are imperfections. The drawers in my coffee table aren't fancy, and if you look at the bottoms of them you can see residual glue. No fancy assembly there.

They also have a new pricing plan. There are no longer sales, but so called "everyday pricing."

I have found the forum comments helpful, and while I still plan to buy from them, I will look at the quality more closely when I'm in the store.

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We purchased a bedroom set from the Horizions collection (the asian-look syle and color) about 5 years ago - bedframe/headboard and two night stands and have been very happy with it.

For us, design was more important than whether or not it was perfect in every other way, since we live in a midcentury modern home and you cannot just stick any kind of traditional country or ornate furniture in it w/o it looking stupid. We needed something small in scale, simple in design, and low to the ground. In all this time, we have not found any defects in the set, though I never got out the magnifying glass.

Qualitywise, it has held up very well. It is the in the dark stain and next to a solid glass wall. No fading so far, though the blinds are not left open too often. The nightstands each have that pull out shelf covered with formica for placing your cup of coffee on it without damaging the wood. It's a great feature, which we use all the time.


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Our bedstead is 5 years old now. It's cherry, very traditional, 4 posters (the bed in the hotel scene in "As Good As It Gets"!). It was made in Vermont. I waited 8 weeks for it. I have no complaints about the quality, whatsoever.

I looked at their sideboards in late winter. And was disappointed; they were lovely, but all were made in the Phillipines... , none suited the site in our home or the required duties of such a piece. I was equally disappointed in the offerings from Baker, Henredon, Harden, all the others. Not because the pieces weren't lovely, but because they were all in the same, "glitzy" style and finish. Not one company offered something that was clean, simple, functional, and NOT Shaker inspired!

I "bit the bullet" had a custom piece made, instead. It was considerably more money, but it's the perfect size, will address all the storage issues and it's the perfect style, wood, and finish to blend seamlessly into our room. It should arrive this coming week.

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"...Not because the pieces weren't lovely..."

Chelone I am having the same problem when looking for furniture and I need a lot :( Simple things inevitably look Shaker- or Mission-inspired or they are 'contemporary'.

Please post if you find a line that offers the look you are searching for. I especially need a dining and breakfast room table that can withstand actually being used by people.


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Our dining chairs arrived, I'm very pleased! Of course these are the first real dining chairs we've had since we've been married (about 16yrs), the others were junky hand-me-downs. But I am in love with these chairs, they are perfect for our home. They are the Elements Cross Back Chairs, and made in Vietnam, and yes I knew that when I ordered them. They are comfy too.

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I wish there was a way to edit our messages - I made a mistake, our new chairs are Tango Crossback Side Chair - similar to the other but not the same...

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I've been buying EA furniture for over 10 years, have a house full of it now and I have to say it's all pretty good quality (by my standards). Other pieces in my home purchased from different manufacturers have not been up to par, even those I paid a lot more money for. Since EA started making furniture overseas I haven't noticed a change in quality.

What I have had a problem with is the customer service. There have been times when I swore I would never shop there again but I keep going back because they have what I like and the VALUE is very get a lot of bang for your buck. It isn't the cheapest priced furniture but from what I've seen out there now, spending more doesn't get you better quality (worse from my experience).

Recently I ordered an expensive bookcase/armoire from an upscale furniture store, the piece would be made in france so I'd have to wait several months. I was expecting superior quality for all that money. Do you know what they sent me? A bookcase with a top so flimsy I'm afraid to press on it with my hand for fear of punching a hole through that thin piece of wood. Same with the back. And they didn't even bother to paint it! Thank goodness I don't live in a 2 story house where the bookcase would be viewed from above. What a disappointment. No dovetail construction on the drawers, and not even glides to help them open easier. Nope just little blocks of wood. I have to support the drawer with the palm of my hand when I open it so it won't fall onto the floor. So I went back to EA and ordered my second bookcase from them for a fraction of the price and this thing is gorgeous. The first thing I did was place my hand on the top of it (where no one can see) and felt how rock solid it was, and finished just as nicely as the rest of the piece. I'm beginning to think the only way to get much better furniture is to have it bench made. Then you eleviate all the problems associated with assembly line production.

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FlyingFlower... thanks for your post. We went ahead and ordered a full room a furniture (LR) from Ethan Allen. I thought for what we paid the quality of the furniture seemed pretty good. I'm sure we could have spent a lot more, on a so-called better quality line, but we just spent about $10K and I thought that was enough! Of course we did get a sofa, 2 chairs (1 was leather w/ottoman), coffee table, 3 end tables, bookcase, drop-leaf table, a 9x12 rug and drapes.

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Which collection did you buy? I have one of their leather sofas and the leather is holding up very well (no kids though). We've had it about 5 years now and it still looks new. I like the quality of their leather, feels good. All the of the casegoods still look new too, no problems with drawer glides, cracking, warping,etc.

It's a nervous time spending all that money at once on furniture so I hope I have helped to reassure you that you have made a good choice.

Back when I first started buying furniture I came across a newsletter called "The Penny Pincher". The woman writing this newsletter researched products that she deemed good buys for the money. In her article about furniture she concluded that Ethan Allen offered the best value. That really surprised me. You'd think she would go for the really cheap stuff but no, she advised her readers to pay a little more for a product that would last a lifetime.

When the furniture arrives inspect it carefully because there could be defects that you want to catch right away. Refuse the piece and let the movers take it back and don't pay the balance for it. If the delivery men leave that furniture and you pay the balance EA looks upon it as the customer accepting the piece as is. Then you're stuck trying to convince them it's unacceptable. EA does not take furniture back and they are very hard nosed about it. I love their stuff but I know how they get when there are conflicts, so take your time and make those guys wait while you inspect the merchandise.

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Flying Flower, earlier this year I had an EA media cabinet taken back. They delivered it last fall with major problems (bad fit and finish, shoddy repairs). When they brought the replacement in February it too had some issues, so I refused that one (they brought it back almost 100% and I accepted it).

In both cases I never had any hesitation on their part (except for one delivery guy telling me, 'If you're going to be that picky...'), it just bugged me they sent me such a piece of crap to begin with.

As for their leather sofas, I think they are producing those outside the U.S. now so the quality might not be the same as it was 5 years ago, but you never know?

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I have quite a few Ethan Allen pieces, and I like all of them. They have held up well.


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Adore my barrister bookcase from them - it looks awesome. Ordered an accent end table (can't remember the name). At first glance, it looked fine - beautiful wood inlay. When looking closeup, the workmanship was so shoddy. There were nails coming out all over the place. We eventually got them to take it back and give us a store credit. We now have another table that we love.

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FlyingFlower... We worked with a designer at EA and put together an eclectic look, nothing really matches, and the pieces come from different collections. The overall look is more contemporary than traditional. I'm really happy with the "look" we're getting, and working with the designer was fun and free! She helped us with everything from the color to stain our wood floors to paint color, everything. Having the designer help coordinate everything was worth the price of admission right there. I can't wait to get everything and see it all together.

The designer also said that EA will accept returns, that everything is returnable and no restocking fees. I wanted to know just in case I was unhappy with maybe a piece or two and didn't like the way it worked with everthing else. She did say that they have barred one woman from all EA stores because she continually purchases like $20k worth of furniture and then returns it all. She told me she was banned from Gardiner's furniture also.

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Wow you are really lucky that your store will take furniture back if you decide you don't like the way it looks. Not talking about defects here, just that you don't care for it. Now that's a store I wish I could shop at. Even after spending tons of money there over theyears that doesn't matter to them, in fact I think it was to my detriment that I already had a house FULL of EA furniture. They probably figured I wouldn't be buying much more anyway because I had already done all my buying. So it wasn't as if they had hopes of me spending more in the future, no place in my house to put new furniture. What I didn't like I had to sell on Craigslist. Fortunately because it was brand new I got 70% of the original price I paid so I didn't totally loose my shirt.

The designer cowered, she was no help. All she wanted was to make a sale and didn't care that the new furniture would clash with my existing pieces. She wasn't an interior designer, you do realize they don't hire ASID designers? They call their sales staff "designers" but not "interior designers". You can't use that term unless you're accredited. They should call them "decorators" since that term can be used by anyone without training. My bum luck I got her. I called a designer who used to work at this store and she said the owner (Middle Eastern fellow) was tough as nails with all his customers, she knew he wouldn't take back any returns so it was her opinion it had nothing to do with me personally. He just runs his store that way.

But all is good now. I found furniture that does work beautifully with my decor and now I have replaced those few EA pieces I didn't like with other furniture I love. I still love (most) EA furniture, even after that fiasco I went cross town and bought a different piece from another EA store and it looks terrific. So I'm not turned off to EA per se, it's that particular store I despise. ;-)

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FlyingFlower... The girl we worked with at EA, really seemed to know her stuff, she was recently graduated from Drexel Univ. with a degree in interior design. She also told us her mother was an interior designer, so she kind of grew up in that environment. Maybe we just got lucky getting her. I've been in other stores, where the salesperson was just that, a salesperson with some decorator abilities, but I have to say that this girl seem like she really knew what she was talking about when it came to color and design.

I'm hoping she is right about the return policy, she did say that EA would accept anything as a return, even if we didn't like it. I asked, because I was concerned that I would get everything in and maybe be unhappy with something, even though I don't think I will be, as everything she picked out blends so well together.

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I used to work at EA and at that time all was made in the us. Now only one or two of the lines are made here. I have EA tables from 25 years ago which are solid maple and still in excellent shape. Most stuff nowadays is not solid wood but veneer over some generic hardwood or even over MDF and will not hold up as well.

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I have very little furniture, most of it inexpensive unfinished or assembled by ourselves.

For our baby's room, we decided to get better quality -- so we purchased an expensive crib and dresser from ethan allen. I expected quality for such an expensive set compared to whats available at Babies R Us. First of all, the crib was delayed 5 months and came 2 months after my baby was born. In the meantime they provided me a loner, but that was only after coming to the store 8 months pregnant and MAJOR complaints.

The dresser is a distressed cream finish, and there is a fine line between distressed and DAMAGED. So any damages on the piece Ethan Allen will claim that it is part of the finish, yet the furniture in the store is in pristine condition. To get them to repair or replace something is a hassle. And some of the salespeople can be pushy and rude. It was such a disappointment -- makes me want to stick with the particle board stuff at Target! I do not think the quality of the baby furniture is worth the money!

I recently moved to a bigger house and need to furnish alot of rooms, but am anxious after this experience. I really like some of the ethan allen pieces, but I'm really considering boycotting them all together.

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Hi, I am the original poster, and I just wanted to give you an update. I ended up purchasing quite a bit of furniture from Ethan Allen, entire living room and some dining room pieces. It all arrived yesterday, and I have to say that everything arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy with the quality.

We worked with one of their designers/salespeople and she was great in helping to put these room together. Delivery was free as was the design service. She will be coming out on Monday to look at the rooms and to make other suggestions for art and accessories. All in all I am very please with the furniture and the service we received from Ethan Allen.

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That's great news! I hope you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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Regarding the poster who made the comments about the crib, we purchased several EA pieces. I was walking around with the designer and stopped to look at one of the cribs and she told me I should get a crib elsewhere. It wasn't a quality issue, she said that their cribs do not have the "features" that are convenient. I believe she was referring to them turning into a youth bed, adjustable mattress heights, and things like that.

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Comparing the 'old' (15+ years) EA pieces we have with their new stuff, there is certainly a quality difference. Little things like the quality of wood in places you can't see (real wood vs plywood). My current beef is also in customer service. We ordered a desk/hutch set in July, and were told '6-8 weeks' for delivery. Here we are at 10 weeks, and we're still '2 weeks' away. Of course, they nevered bothered to call us when the schedule slipped - we have had to call them several times (so far, every week has been '2 weeks away').

I think I can do just as well elsewhere at this point.

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Ethan Allen is definitely not the same EA from years ago!!! I have an aunt who has had her EA furniture for over 20 years and it still looks beautiful. It was her that recommended that my husband and I shop for our furnite there.

However the experience was horrible. We ordered a dining room set from the Horizons line. The set was a wedding gift from my mom. When we ordered the set we were told 4-5 weeks. Two months later we only had a partial shipment....We asked the designer before purchase if the set was solid wood and she said it was solid ash wood. When the chairs and china cabinet were delivered and I found out that the set is actually veneered! I came to the painful realization by observing how the grain on one of the chair legs changed 4 times with obvious splits between the pieces of veneers. Five of the 6 chairs had the same defects!! Not only was the furniture misrepresented, but when I called to complain the manager was rude and would not accept a return without charging me a restocking fee of 20%!!! It turns out the Ethan Allen I shopped at is independently owned so they have their own terms and conditions. I had to escalate my complaint to EA corporate in order to get a resolution. I forgot to mention the china cabinet had nicks and chips and the delivery guys could not even put my table together because the legs did not fit. They had to order a new table. Needless to say I'll never order anything from EA again.

I found a solid cherry set at a small local dealer for the same price, but far superior quality. If veneered furniture was what I was looking for, believe me I would have found it at my local superfurniture store for a third of the price and better quality.

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Two years ago I ordered a pair custom upholstered armchairs from Ethan Allen for close to $2,000. They were supposed to be stuffed with "down and feathers." When I got them I thought they looked sloppy and poorly made but EA wouldn't let me return them without losing 40% of the purchase price.

Six months later I opened the cushions and discovered they were completely stuffed with polyester even though the sewn on materials disclosure tag said "down and feathers." I wrote EA and threatened to report them to the Federal Trade Commission for fraud, and EA sent me my money back. Buyer beware.

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I have boughten quite a bit of Ethan Allen furniture over the past two years and I am really happy with the look and quality of everything I have so far. Purchased country french kitchen table and chairs, huge bookcase, video cabinet, and demilune hand-painted side piece. So far, no problems!

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I am currently looking to purchase the Horizons bedroom line and was looking at the pieces earlier today. Compared to a similar priced Thomasville set (retro ve), I would have to say that the Ethan Allen pieces looked to be of better quality. Of course, I am no expert. The sales person stated that the pieces were solid ash but I am sure that some of it is veneered, just wish I knew for sure. To me, it looks like the drawer fronts are veneered with the top and side pieces being solid. As far as the bed rails and headboard, all of that looked solid. If anyone knows more about these pieces, I would appreciate your comments. All of it was marked "Made in the USA" for those that wanted to know.

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I've hesitated to add to posts like this because I wanted to give EA a chance to complete the order. My initial frustrations were related to being lied to about delivery times and having the reality be more than double the time. Others here have had similar experiences, so this is obviously an issue with EA in general.

Then when the furniture was delivered, 2 pieces were damaged. One was a leaf to a dining room table which had an apron not connected properly at the factory. It was completely detached when it arrived. The second piece was an upholstered chair, and the sewing of a seam was messed up with one piece of fabric not sewn to the other piece! I sent this chair back, expecting to just get my money back, but I was told Ethan Allen's policy is to repair or replace. I paid in full on ordering because it was a drop shipment, and now I may have to wait even longer for resolution.

Definitely be careful when order from Ethan Allen. Also, don't ever do a drop shipment type of order. That puts you in an awful limbo between corporate offices and local stores where each side passes the buck to the other.

This was an awful experience for us.

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We ordered the Tuscany sleigh bed and are very pleased. It is a very sturdy, well made piece. I also picked up the Collectors Classic faux bamboo vanity/desk, mirror and stool for the master bath; also very sturdy, well made.

I had considered the bathroom vanities, but did not like the veneer granite tops, sinks or faucets on them.

I think the prices are more reasonable now, since they quote "don't have sales, but have 'everyday low prices.'" They do have floor sample sales, at times. The vanity set was reduced and I save $400.

Delivery time was even quicker than the promised 8-12 wks. Our bed came in 6wks.

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Don't bother with Ethan Allen. I've been buying their furniture for years and the quality seems to have dropped off. I'm living the issue right now. I have a $4000 sectional sofa and the fabric immediately started to wrinkle and sag. It's not tight over the sofa cushions. Ethan Allen customer service likes to call that "comfy wrinkles." Buyer beware!!!

Also, the stores are now independently owned and they don't mention that when you make a purchase. It's the fantastic surprise you get when you call customer support for help.

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I actually have a lot of experience with Ethan Allen furniture because I used to work there. There seem to be some common misconceptions on this forum. One is that the designers are not educated or trained in design. It is true that not ALL Ethan Allen designers have a degree in interior design, but most do, or have a degree in a related field. No designer is ever hired who has neither experience nor a degree. I myself have a four year degree in interior design from an accredited school. However, no amount of schooling can give you the natural talent that a designer must possess to be successful and make their clients happy with the outcome. It is up to the managers and owners to hire the right kinds of people, so I am sorry that some of you had bad experiences.
Someone mentioned that Ethan Allens are independently owned, but not all of them are. In my area, there are three corporate stores and two franchised stores. They all have the same pricing and the store policies don't vary that much. To those who had problems with the quality of the piece upon delivery, it states in the Ethan Allen warranty that you are given when you buy the furniture, that their policy is to repair OR replace if it is a warranty issue. All the pieces in my store were prepped and inspected before they were delivered, but on occasion something was missed before it went out, and then we serviced it (for free) of course. If it had to be replaced they ordered a new one, without hassling the customer. No they don't automatically just take it back and give you a new one. When you buy a brand new car with a bumper to bumper warranty they don't just give you a new car if something goes wrong, they order the part and fix it for free but they don't just replace the car without ever looking at it to see what's wrong with it. Our store never hassled anyone about replacing a piece if it was needed, but again, it depends on the location.
Quality is a big one! First of all, it seems that most people are still uneducated about veneers and what their purpose is. First of all veneered furniture is more costly and more time consuming to make, not less. It does NOT cost less than a piece of solid wood. Veneers are thinly sliced layers of WOOD that are placed with the grains criss crossed so that it is STRONGER than a piece of solid wood and so it does not warp or crack like solid wood can. The other reason they use them is to achieve a decorative pattern on the wood, which is not easy to manufacture. The Smithsonian has veneered furniture that are examples of high quality craftsmanship BECAUSE they used veneers. Back then if a craftsman could make a fine piece of furniture using veneer, that was the highest level they could rise to. Veneers have been given a bad rep by the cheap furniture made in the 50's and 60's that used veneer where the bonding methods were really bad. Ever since then people either confuse veneer with laminate or a man made product, or they just think it's a cheap way to make furniture, when it's not. I know some people will say I am biased since I worked for EA but it really is true. YES, there are a lot of pieces made overseas, but they are really and truly made at Ethan Allen owned and operated factories, and they still control the quality. Ethan Allen's CEO does not want to put the EA name on it if he is not happy with the level of quality it represents. You can read press releases where he is interviewed if you want to hear his take on things.
Someone said the quality was not consistent throughout the line, but that is not true. It's exactly the opposite. A bedroom set in Tango is made just as well as a bedroom set in Newport. Price point is hugely different, but the quality is not!
The every day pricing is not a "line" it is 100 percent true. All Ethan Allens do it. Ethan Allen had 8 sales a year before that, and not all the pieces were on sale at once. This made things difficult if you wanted to buy a whole room at once. Not all the things you had picked out were on sale, most of the time. They actually lowered ALL the prices to what used to be the sale price, and just said, this is the everyday price. Period. Since then, raw materials have gone up, etc. so on occasion they have raised prices here and there, but not on everything. So the regular everyday price you see on the tag today would have been the sale price they offered three years ago. Why would you be unhappy with that? It wasn't ever going to be any lower than that anyways.
I am sorry if some of you out there have had bad experiences. Thank you to those who had good ones who shared those as well. I truly love Ethan Allen, and I don't like things being said about the company or products that aren't entirely true.

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EA is still living off its reputation from the Carriage House days. Folks, the current EA is a completely different company. You can do a lot better for your money.

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EA's quality may be sliding but they still have the best furniture designers IMO. I just love the designs they come up with, the scale is right, the pieces are never gawdy, and the collections stay around longer than one season.

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Hi, I was the original poster of this thread... just to update. I ended up purchasing about $10,000 worth of furniture from EA. My entire living room, including drapes and area rug, plus some accent pieces. Sofa, 2 chairs (one leather) ottoman, 2 end tables, coffee table, bookcase, and a drop leaf table.

Granted you can probably do better quality wise if you want, but for what I got for what I spent... I was pretty pleased. The designer who helped us pull everything together was terrific, she was worth the price of admission, IMO. It is now coming up on 2 years since I received my furniture and I love it all as much now as when I did when it first came.

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When we were looking for living room furniture, we went to EA, because it had such a good reputation. All I can say is that I was shocked by the lack of true quality in their case goods. It was clear that many of them were made with "hardwood solids"--i.e., pressed hardwood chips covered with veneer--rather than solid hardwood. My cousin bought an expensive dining room set from them and is very proud of it. I told her it was beautiful, but I really thought it looked like crap. No need for her to know that, though--lol. Seriously, if I were going to spend $5,000 on a dining room set, I'd have one made--of solid hardwood. I would never buy from EA. But then, I usually prefer older (vintage or antique) pieces, anyway, so only purchase upholstered pieces in furniture stores. JMO.

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i really like this article..i just want to appreciate you for this work..and i would like to read more article on this...They all have the same pricing and the store policies don't vary that much. To those who had problems with the quality of the piece upon delivery, it states in the Ethan Allen warranty that you are given when you buy the furniture, that their policy is to repair OR replace if it is a warranty issue.Furniture Packages Bulgaria

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Just wanted to pipe in with my recent experience. We bought a couch from EA 2 1/2 yrs ago. Paid $1,500. Love the fabric and the style. However, about 6 months ago, our cushions got "lumpy" and sag, and started to look horrible on the couch. I called EA to ask if they would replace or refurbish, and they told me "we'd be happy to sell you new cushions". Anyway, I took the cushions to the local upholstery shop. She said the interior foam with a dacron/down/feather "envelope" was not well designed. We ended up having all the three bottom cushions inserted with new foam wrapped with dacron, and the back cushions had extra dacron stuffed out at the corners. This all cost $500.

Our upholster (she's been doing this 23 yrs) said EA furniture quality has declined over the years, many pieces are hit and miss- she still sees some high quality stuff, but some not so good stuff for the price. She said you often can't tell the quality, until you rip off the old upholstery to see what's inside. I wanted to buy a chair, she recommended I look at Crate and Barrel- they use a lot of hardwood, and many of their pieces are made in US. I just ordered a chair from there- will be delivered in a couple of weeks.

That's just my experience with the couch. We also ordered a rug from EA, I'm very familiar with textiles since I'm a weaver, and can say the rug is of high quality. We also ordered an entertainment cabinet, and it appears high quality- my hubby does woodworking for a hobby and looked it over very carefully before we purchsed it 2 1/2 yrs. ago.


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This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone. I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need tobe sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone.The above thought is smart and doesnt require any further addition.ItÂs perfect thought from my side.A very smart and diplomatic answer. ItÂs really appreciable and general.

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About Ethan Allen's factory in China. China, like many other countries, does not allow a foreign country to build a factory in China unless it is at least 50% Chinese owned. This is from the testimony of the big three auto makers before Congress. More than likely, Ethan Allen has a Chinese factory build their furniture, although I may be wrong. About the quality, I don't know.

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I have been purchasing Ethan Allen furniture for over 10 years. I love the quality and styles of Ethan Allen. The best experience was having a wonderful interior designer who performed miracles on my living room and family room.
She could pick out the right paint and wallpaper for my walls and coordinate it beautifully with the new furniture. She knew exactly what style i was going for. Unfortunately,the store she worked at closed a couple of years ago and she no longer works with EA. I dearly miss her.
Service is terrific! When ordering my dining room table and chairs, the company inadvertently delivered the wrong style of chairs (upholstered with the fabric I chose) and I immediately called my designer who within an hour had the chairs I had selected delivered. When I received them, I didn't like them as well as the "mistaken" chairs. I again called my designer who intercepted the delivery men and brought the first set of chairs to my home. She was pleasant about the whole thing. EA didn't blink an eye at my changes.
After having my family room sofa for over 12 years and after much wear and tear, I am having it reupholstered. I have never loved a sofa more than the one I bought from EA. Unfortunately EA does not make this style anymore. I look forward to having a "new" sofa knowing the quality that I will be getting when they strip it to the frame and custom make it to my preferences.
I can only say that my experiences with EA have been nothing but wonderful! i don't even look anywhere else.

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I would think twice before buying the Tango furniture. It does NOT wear well! Solid, stained wood might get scratched or the stain might wear if there's a lot of friction, but the Tango furniture chips in the same way paint chips. Makes me wonder if the surface isn't a thin veneer. Our Tango set is less than 6 years old and there are only my husband and myself in the household; it has NOT been subjected to hard use in any way. These chips have appeared on several pieces and definitely affect the attractiveness of the set (table and chairs).

We have other EA furniture and are very happy with it, but this set was disappointing.

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I have lots of the old (hence good) Ethan Allen furniture that I love and have always enjoyed the best of customer service and the happiest of shopping experiences. But i guess Ethan Allen has changed. My mom just bought a $1,000.00 coffee table. I helped her pick it out. When it arrived it looked like something from a cheap strip mall furniture store. It is truly ugly. There was no random hand distressing like I am used to seeing in Ethan Allen furniture. Instead, the top of the coffee table appeared to be flicked with paint using a toothbrush. The wood finish does not even look real - it looks painted on. The finish was wrong- it looked almost gray/green. She hated it. She called and asked to return it. They said they would charge her a 15% restocking fee. When we got to the store to pick out something to replace it, they said the fee was %23 and that they would not even return the sales tax. Of course that is illegal. I'm sure that was just a mistake. We will call tomorrow to talk to the manager who was not there today. So we picked out an upholstered chair and ottoman for $2000.00. We are going to tell them we will buy that if they do not charge the %15 restocking fee. If they won't, we won't buy it, demand a refund, cut our losses and never shop at Ethan Allen again. At this point we've already decided not to shop at Ethan Allen ever again. The days of pleasure shopping at Ethan Allen where you were treated like a queen as you buy beautiful furniture may be over. We'll see.

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Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I bought a bunch of living room furniture from EA a few years ago - coffee table, leather couch, two bookcases. It looks great, has held up great, and the couch is very comfortable. The inside of the drawers of the coffee table have "Made in the USA" etched into them. I like to mix it up so since then I have bought Stickley and Lee furniture, but no complaints with Ethan Allen.

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I have purchased alot of furniture with Ethan Allen over the years, and have always had great luck with everything!
My design center in Watchung NJ, has a very professional design team!

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I have an Ethan Allen wall unit and an entertainment center I purchased out five years ago. It looks great and is still in perfect condition.

It may have been made overseas. I am not sure, but then again just about every other manufacturer, manufacturers their case goods overseas.

They still make a well dsegned product and I think the quality is good.

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I have a Classic Manor EA dining room set, oval double pedestal table with two arm chairs and 4 side chairs, the china cabinet and the server. I'm interested in selling it. I have enjoyed it since the 70's but having a hand made table made from old cypress. If anyone is interested please contact at Also, if not interested and you have sold something like this, what could I possibly get for the set. I would like to cover most of the cost for my table being made.

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I have always been a fan of EA but never purchased anything from them but know people who have purchased couches 10+ years ago and they still look great. I am interested in the Retreat sectional with the foam cushions, not down and springs. Can anyone provide feedback on this couch? I am also interested in purchasing the Miller Farmhouse table (New Country Collection) but after all these reviews, I am skeptical. Does anyone own either of these pieces or know anything about them?

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There are not many complaints concerning the brand.
I guess it can be trusted. Their stuff looks pretty good, by the way!

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I posted this on a different website so I thought I'd copy and paste. To sum it stay away from this place! We made a $5000 mistake! And after I wrote that complaint, I found a rip on the fabric and they're not doing anything about. They said the warranty for the fabric is only one year! What a crappy company!

We originally went to Ethan Allen wanting to re-decorate whole living room. We knew EA wasn't exactly cheap but wanted some good quality products. When we got there, we were introduced to an "interior designer" who offered to come to our house to do some measurements and recommendations. She did and we met her back at the store to see what she had to offer. She basically showed us everything that was already on the show room. I didn't like he coffee tables and the rugs she recommended was hideous. We ended up just ordering a couch and I said I was still interested in some cushions and drapes when the couch arrived.About 3 months later, our couch came. Less than a couple of months later, feathers were leaking out from the couch. Also the cushions were already losing their shapes (we did switch them around like we were supposed to) and showing wear. My husband and I were upset as we paid $5000 for this couch. I emailed EA head office. The manager of the repair department came by and admitted that feathers shouldn't be coming out from the inside. They took all cushions and re-did that. We got the new cushions and I still occasionally find a few feathers leaking out. However the cushions are still losing their shapes. My husband is so upset. He said we could have gone to Leon's or something and paid $2000 for a couch in way better quality. Also the interior designer was supposed to help us with matching drapery when the couch came. We never heard from her again. The manager of the repair department did ask the manager of the store to contact us and she did. However at this point we weren't interested in giving them any more business. My husband said this is a $5000 mistake. We are just going to use it for another year and buy a new one and considered a mistake and lesson learned. Every time I look at the wear on the couch it just upsets me. We have no kids and no pets! Needless to say we will never set foot at Ethan Allen again. There are many many other choices for less money.

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I ordered a table and cabinet which cost more than $5000. The table arrived scratched and had to be repaired by Ethan Allen-- at great inconvenience to me because of having to take time off from work to arrange for the repair. A knob fell off the cabinet a few weeks after delivery because the screw was defective. Rather than have to call the company again and miss work, I tried to replace the screw myself. It was a non-standard size so I had to live with a door that wasn't functional. Finally, after living with this non-functional door for more than a year, I decided I would bite the bullet and have Ethan Allen replace the screw. They told me I would need to pay $10. It was irritated by their pettiness but agreed and gave them my credit card info over the phone. They then said they would fax me a sales order which I needed to sign and return to them--- for a $10 screw! I protested and asked them to just send me the screw and not put me through any more inconvenience. The rep refused. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM EA AGAIN! Their quality is poor and their customer service is worse.

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Most of Ethan Allen furniture today is made in China. The quality of the furniture is not anywhere near as good as it was when it was made here in the "good ole" USA. I still have Ethan Allen furniture from 30 years ago. It is beautiful. The most recent purchase was a $2,000+ four poster bed. Had to have finish worked on as all four posters did not have finish on them in several places. The new sofa had to have back cushions remade. They were a mess....different shapes & sizes. Several years ago, I went a round or two about the return of a so-called hand painted blanket chest. They wanted to replace it with a floor model which was in horrible shape. They finally took back the blanket chest after I had to pay $100+ restocking fee.

I've learned my lesson. No more Ethan Allen. Will purchase furniture made in the USA.

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I am not certain but I would think their upholstery is still made here while the bulk of their casegood pieces are made overseas as are the bulk of casegoods sold in the US.

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