Pre fab?

adamleeDecember 17, 2010


I purchased a home in 97 that has a prefab, metal air circulating fireplace.

I'd like to install a wood burning insert to fully heat the house during the cold months. The wood burning insert I'm looking at states "The factory built fireplace must be listed per UL 127 or ULC S610."

My fireplace has no lable on it, and the house was built in 1974. I've called the chimney sweep in my area, but he's swamped with calls and may not get to me until next month. The prefab looks to be very nice and the flue is 10" wide and lined with metal. If my prefab is ok to install the insert we want, I will install an insulated SS liner as well.

Does anyone have any idea how I can tell if the prefab meets the requirements UL 127 or ULC S610? Or will I have to wait on the chimney sweep for his opinion?



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I would do a google or bing search of UL 127 requirements etc. That might turn up something. Alternatively, since UL probably stands for Underwriter Laboratories, you might try their website (I assume they have one).

If those efforts fail to answer your questions, and no one else in this forum is helpful, you might try the website They have a forum that is used my real dyed in the wool fireplace guys. But they might thumb their noses at you because you have a prefab -- they usually deal only with "real" fireplaces.

Good luck.

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