price of direct vent gas fireplace insert

druggistDecember 23, 2007

I recently purchased a Mendota direct vent gas fireplace insert. It's a nice unit that is self contained with 3 burners and brick lined. It has a variable speed fan and wall switch to operate the fan, turn the unit on, and turn off the back burner (of 3 burners). The unit is 34" wide and has the tuscany front which is plated with 24 karat gold to stop discoloration from the heat. My question is whether the $3,600 dollars I paid for the unit and $900 for installation is out of line. It is difficult to get any prices online and the manufacturer only has dealer referrals. I have yet to have a new mantle built for and fireplace and would also like to frame an LCD television on the wall over the fireplace. How much do you think everything might cost? $4,500 for the fireplace, $1,500 to $2,000 for the television, $1,000 for a mantle and to mount TV. I'm nearing

$10,000 just to have a nice fire and watch some television.

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I would think twice about putting a TV above the fireplace because that is not the ideal position for comfortable viewing; you have to look up at it. The screen should ideally be at eye level. But if that's your preference and you're confident it works well for you, go for it. We just had a direct vent insert installed in our prefab fireplace, and our price is similar to yours. I cannot comment on your estimate for the mantle because we didn't replace ours. I think they come in every style and price, and your estimate of $1000 seems certainly a generous allowance. One word of caution: the clearance of the mantle should conform to the insert's specifications, or else it will get too hot, which is a hazard. Check the insert's installation manual. A really good LCD TV (say, the top-of-the-line Sharp or Sony) might cost more than $2000, depending on screen size. We bought ours at Their prices are not the cheapest, but competitive, and their customer service is first class. Happy snuggling near the fire with a good tv show.

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druggist - Amazing but accurate estimate. I also agree with everything haus proud said - esp mantle clearance.

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