SlitherpussJuly 15, 2006

Most of the high end furniture that I like (HH, Kindel, H&M) is out of my price range.

I am thinking of buying the Martiniqiue sleigh bed in this weekend for $1100 +. they also have the suppost system for mattress and box spring that seems good.

Also, the quick ship benjamin sofa or sectional. Quality of leather, workmanship, etc.

Does anyone have opinions on quality of either? I know Thomasville does not have a "high end rating". but I'd like to know what you have actually experienced?

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I just purchased the Thomasville Retro Ve. It is decent middle price range furniture. I also think the overall quality of Thomasville depends on what set you are purchasing. My set is constructed from birch or ash (both hardwoods) and has the dovetail drawers. According to the store manager, they used tongue and groove joinery on the side panels, but he could not tell me if they used corner blocks for reinforcement.

I noticed that the sides of the drawers are not as thick as in some better made furniture. Inside the drawer, all the sides are finished except the front, which is a sign to me that this is where they cut corners. The wood is not rough, but then it is not as smooth as the sides that are finished.

My set has very nice drawer stops that prevent the drawer from accidentally falling out. This is a very good feature that I like. The style is very attractive.

The finish on my set is a matte espresso. Overall it was applied evenly although I found some sloppy work on the edges of dresser's top. I do not know how it will hold up to stains. Some furniture manufacturers use a finish that will not stain if you wipe up spills (thing such as water, milk, etc.) within 24 hours.

I would say if the furniture you are considering has good basic construction and finish, is made from quality hardwood and veneers, is reasonably priced, and you like it, then go for it.

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I've numerous pieces of Thomasville furniture in my home, and have always been pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship. Being from North Carolina, I know many retired Thomasville workers, and the company's standards were quite high during their careers. However, as all of my pieces are Carolina-made, I cannot comment on the quality of pieces made offshore (a practice that Thomasville has been utilizing for the past few years).

I've always had the impression that Thomasville Furniture's products (excluding the lines made for mass retailers like Target) are somewhat upper-end, but not the best. In fact, according to a website on the N.C. furniture industry, Thomasville competes most directly with Ethan Allen.

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I don't like Thomasville furniture. Yes they do have some decent priced items, but most are overpriced for the quality that you get. Yes, you will usually find english dovetail drawer construction, but look at how thin the drawer bottoms are. If the bottom is so thin that you need to put reinforcements in the corners then I would pass on the set. Also, your better quality sets are now being built with good quality metal glides. Ask about the weight rating on the glides and how strong the bottoms are. Usually the first thing to break is the wood on wood glide or the drawer bottom.

You are much better off spending a little more for furniture that will last many years than settling for something that is just a good price. The bad taste of poor quality will long outlast the feeling of a low price.

Check the bed contruction at the joints also. If there are not bolts or screws holding it together then I would pass. This will be a squeeky bed if not held together properly. Same for the mattress, make sure it is flippable and has a true boxspring not a foundation. Most mattresses are only one sided and wear out much faster thsu forcing you to replace it within 5-7 years, there goes your deal. When you lay on the mattress, allow yourself 10-20 minutes on the one that you think you will be purchasing. Also, make sure that it is new and never slept on by anyone else. Some retailers will resell the mattress that was taken back after the trial period for customers. Some states have laws that stop this from happening but others do not.

You may email me if you have more questions.

Hope this helps,

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Linda Giorgi

My opinion. I have a Thomasville living room set. All peices were purchased seperatly. The tables had to be exchanged 3 times. The quality of the finish is terrible. It sure looks different than what was in the store. You can not touch the top or you scratch the finish. I mean lightly to. Ok let's get to the couches. I paid 2000 for each couch. Did I love the way they looked? Yes! Only thing is they had to be exchanged because the construction of the frame was defective. When they went to reorder them for me they discontinued them. Now I have a room I spent money on curtains and marble and all the little extras to tie inb the couches. They told me they were coing to change the name of the couch and producing it again in 6 months to a years. Maybe less. Did I want to wait? Of course I said yes. Finally they had the new couch on display in the store with all the NEW inners.... I sat on it and it was sagging already. When you sat down your knees came up to your neck. They told me to reorder a different type of couch. I did. The rushmore. The cushions on that couch don't even touch each other. It looks like 3 different sections. By the way the new couches cost me $2,500. I was shocked they made me pay the difference. I hate my furniture. My living room looks like a whore house. You would think that after paying 7,000 for a living room set it would look half way decent. I could of went to levits and got 7 rooms of furniture. Yes they did change the furniture but it still is not constructed like it should be. I was embarassed to complain again. I really don't think I can do anything about it. Thanks for listening.

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I don't know what the Martinique looks like, but I'd find a dealer who carries A.P., they make a sleigh bed that might cost a little more, but it will be finished properly and hold up for you. Its made in Canada, and you can even pick your colors. They are better known for their kids furniture, but their adult furniture is very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: AP furniture

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