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mlo1December 3, 2007

One and a half story craftsmsn style home. The 2nd story exterior wall is in-set 5' over the first story where the wood stove will be located beneath. The chimney will basically run up through the cieling of the first story and along side (outside) the 2nd story wall. The chimney will need to go through TJI trusses that are actually sheeted with 3/4" subfloor, through a hip mono-truss soffit area, and up along side the 2nd story wall, then through the 2nd story soffit/truss tails and out the roof 4'.

Seems the typical attachment to support the chimney is a "support box" that mounts between the TJI's. Problem is, the support box "centers" the pipe. For the chimney to line-up with windows, truss tails, etc., the pipe needs to be offset in the 2nd floor TJI cavity. Near fully to one side of the TJI cavity.

Is there a support/mount that will hold 15' of 6" double wall chimney which can mount to the wall inside the mono truss cavity instead of a support box between the TJI floor joists?

How much room is needed between the outside 2nd story wall and the 6" chimney pipe for flashings to be nicely installed and roofing material fitted, on the homes weather exposure side?

I know 2" is minimum double wall pipe clearance, but seems that is in-sufficient for a flashed and correctly roofed exposed opening (no boxed chimney chase). Almost as if the flashing would be right up against the 2nd story wall finish.

I'm ready to roof a new construction home and want this install right from the beggining. The local installers seem to prefer hacking it up after the roofing is applied. As they say "it's always done that way".

Any insight is appreciated, Thanks.

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I wouls take that question to and have the experts answer it.

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