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jannieSeptember 8, 2006

That says it all. In the last two weeks we spent over $3000 on car repairs. DH knocked the side view mirror off my car, his car broke down and needed a tow and a plate replaced in the manual transmission, we had bought a used car for our daughter as a reward for graduating high school,it needed a new battery,fluids replaced and AC fixed. Yeah,the total for all 3 was about $3K. When I complained to a friend, he said it was probably "a good investment", "You can't even buy a decent used car these days for three grand". Well, the 3 are all fixed and running,at least for now. Then yesterday we got a tax bill from the state (NY) saying I miscalculated my last years taxes and owe over $600 in taxes plus about $300 in penalty and interest. Another $919 gone from our bank account. Why does financial bad luck always hit you all at once? Reminds me of the old superstition, bad luck comes in threes. The really bad part is,DH and I are both disabled,on pensions ,unable to get jobs to earn extra money, and definitely "living on a fixed income". All toether now, lets have a pity party . . .

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I am sorry that you've had so many auto expenses in the last couple of weeks.

And that you then get this trouble with the income tax miscalculation, as well - even worse that stepping in a cowpie in the pasture.

Life sure gets tough at times.

I hope that you don't have any more unexpected expenses for several months, at least.

ole joyful

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Lets hope the "threes" thing is an old wives' tale. Or you could just count each car and the tax thing and say you are one over the limit at four already!

Best wishes for a quick financial recovery.

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I guess I'm just going thru a rocky patch. Thanks,Joyful and Nancy, for your good wishes. Today I spent a dollar on a chance to win a $1000 raffle. That would be nice! Also ,there was a story in the newspaper toiday about aoman who one the lottery twice. Four years ago $1 million and recently $7 million. The odds of that are about 4 trillion to one.

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Egads, I am so sorry for the paragraph above. I meant to write that a woman won the lottery. I don't use spellcheck,maybe I need to rethink that.

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I thi9nk we gott your drift.

o j

P.S. My message herein was left alone the way it came out.

o j

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I've heard it said "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

Well, I think you're strong enough now, thank you very much

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That's a huge bummer. If I knew a way to send you some good Karma, I would.

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How are things going by now, Jannie? Better, I hope.

I hope that you're in better spirits, at least (not the ones that come in a bottle, that is).

ole joyful

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Wondering how you're feeling by now, Jannie.

I hope better than before - that your feeling lower then than, as Dad used to say, a snake's belly in a wagon track, was only temporary.

Is there something that we can say or do to cheer you up, if the low feeling has continued?

ole joyful

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