problem with finishing pine flooring with tung oil

xtreme_gardenerApril 11, 2011

We have laid pine flooring (very dry and acclimated to home)and my husband has been applying 1850 Tung oil. We have been following the application instructions from Real Milk Paint Company using a roller to apply oil, leave it for 40 min then wipe off excess, repeat 24 hours later.

The problem is his second coat has left a thick glossy layer with gobs and puddles that have now cured...lovely. My instinct tells me he was thinking more is better and then not wiping the excess off but just moving it around.

I did the bathroom a few months ago and never had the same problem after 3 coats. He did better with the second floor but it still ended up glossy...shouldn't it be smooth and matte?

I have started sanding it all off the worst floor to start over. I tried just doing a light sanding but it just left spots of white all over.

Does anyone have any tips on avoiding this next time around?

Could it be that his first coat saturated the wood and it doesn't need any more coats?

Is there a better application method we could be using?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi. I'm currently applying tung oil to pine flooring. I started by looking for advice on the internet and found a lot of conflicting advice. I bought some Liberon Pure Tung Oil and read the instructions on the tin.
I guess with all oils, the wood will absorb it to a certain degree, then i think you will reach a point of 'saturation'.
I started by thinning the oil with 50% white spirit and made up 1 Litre of this solution. (500ml Tung with 500ml White Spirit).
I brushed on the oil and wiped off any excess after about an hour. Be careful and don't be too generous with the oil! It helps if you can look across the floor into a light (window) as this will highlight any missed areas. Leave it 24 hours and apply another coat.
I've just finished applying my second coat today.
I'm going to leave it a further 24 hours before i apply the 'neat' Tung oil. I've tested this process on a small table, so i'll check the look of this before I commit myself!
A long drawn out process, but satisfying once done. It feels nice under foot, and thinking about is a lot more forgiving than varnishing or waxing(!). Tung oil is apparently very resistant to water, alcohol and food acids. Hope this helps. Warren.

Here is a link that might be useful: Power Tool Warehouse.

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I would buff the floor with a floor maintainer with a fine pad. That will gently abrade up all the finish that's sitting on the wood. If it leaves obvious swirls, you may be able to hand-buff with the grain using a cut-up piece of the same pad. Pure oil finishes cannot form surface films, or as you have witnessed, they puddle and wrinkle. For a final finish, once the swirls are gone, you can wipe on a very thin coat of the oil and let it fully dry before stepping on it; this should create an even look. Wipe with a very fine cotton lint-free cloth.

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Here is the most informative page on finishes I've found.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finishing including tung oil

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This is the most informative page on finishing. Thanks.

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