check received for deceased relative

raee_gwSeptember 24, 2013

My relative passed away last fall. I was her executor--but, there were no assets beyond her bank account, $500 which went toward her funeral. (I paid the rest of the funeral expenses and her personal possessions had already been disposed of when she went into the nursing home). Since there were no assets I did not have to open probate. Her bank account is closed.

Now I have received a modest check for her, part of a class action settlement.

What can I do with this check? If it is at all possible to cash it as her executor, how do I go about it?

I would ask my attorney, but his bill for the phone call will be about double the size of the check!

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The first link below has a whole section on banking questions relating to deceased individuals and the second link specifically addresses your question.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Is it one of those checks sent out under the seal of the SEC? I'd be tempted to go to your own bank with any executor documents, POAs, etc. even though they may be dated or expired. Your bank may just take it for deposit in your account. Worth a try.

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Thank you both. Hilltop, those links were just what I needed! Duluth, no seal -- this was a class action actually against my own bank!

I will contact the settlement firm to see if they will reissue the check to her estate.

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I just went through this last week. My DH was part of a mortgage class action lawsuit. A settlement check came for him, so I took it to the bank, wrote 'for deposit only' on the back and deposited it - no problem.

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Kay, had you had a joint account with him? I wonder why it was okay?

I had closed this relative's account months ago, so there would have to be some reason for me to be able to deposit into my account.

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After my friends husband died she eventually changed phone servers. When she received a deposit refund check she could not cash it because he made the deposit on the phone and it was made out to him. They would not change it to her name. Finally one of the bank tellers told to just deposit it and see if would go through and it did. Who was going to complain?

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Take the check and a copy of the Death Certificate and legal papers naming you executor to the bank. They will allow you to cash it yourself. (I'm no legal expert but I worked for Social Security for many years and we often dealt with uncashed SS checks.)

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Sorry,double post.

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