trees_weeds_seedsJuly 26, 2006

I know that this may sound funny. but i just picked up a dresser from somebodys garbage, it is in such nice condition but when we got home we were going to put it into the house but i noticed that there were maggots in it. i read up on them and apperantally they are 3 to 4 days old. well my question is how do i get rid of them before i bring in the dresser and since they are that size that they should be if they were 3 to 4 days old, should i even mess with this dresser? I just don't want to clean it off and then find out that they are living inside the wood somewhere. Please help with any helpful advice. Thanks

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I have a strong stomach when it comes to bugs, but not those things ~shiver~. They won't get in the wood, think they mature fast and once they turn into flies, they leave. You can always spray them with an insecticide like Sevin, but I would NOT let Sevin touch the furniture. Brush them off with a broom and then spray them once on the ground. Some sort of food source drew them there, so I'd be sure to get rid of that and cleanse the inside thoroughly with Lysol or other disinfectant.

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Maggots are the larvae of flies...
Flies lay their eggs in damp gooey decaying animal matter. I seriously doubt that they are living in your dresser, but rather that they were in the garbage you got the dresser out of.
Wash it....they will be gone and leave no trace....unless the dresser still stinks from the garbage it was sitting in.
Linda C

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Ewwwww, I also have a maggot story, but couldn't just get rid of it as easily as you can. We have a condo at Palm Desert, CA. While there one weekend, I saw a maggot on the kitchen sink. Got rid of it. Kept going back into the kitchen and there would be maybe one, two or three of them, in or close to the sink, occasionally on the floor in front of the sink. I was freaking out! I could not figure out where they were coming from.

So, I sat on a chair, away from the sink, and "watched". I saw one fall from the ceiling. Began studying the ceiling. There was a light that was flush with the ceiling. I then saw a maggot squeeze out between the light and the ceiling, falling to the floor. I rigged up a plastic bag around the light fixture, taping it all around. I soon had a small bag of maggots as we waited for the pest control to come.

Pest control could not get into the area of the kitchen ceiling as it was too small. He said "something", probably a rat, which the desert has, died up there, had rotted and now was being eaten by the maggots. He told us they do not reproduce and once what is up there is gone, they will be also.

He said we could have the ceiling torn out, but it would be costly and he said this is natures way of getting rid of it. It would leave no smell, which it didn't. He also said it had probably smelled the days before we got there.

I still cringe when I think of how I stood over the sink, looking in, trying to figure out where they were coming from. It was over my head! Still don't know if any got in my hair, but I certainly did take a good shower!

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all I have to say is blah!!!!!!Oooohhhh!!!!!!!!yuck!!!!
I would take a hose and blast the dresser with all the drawers out. Just to get whatever drew them out for good. Let it dry on it's front end lying down to drain in the sunny breeze.
good luck taylow

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Use a solution of mostly bleach to kill the maggots. Take them out of the dresser (with plastic gloves) and they will die in the bleach. There should be no problems in the dresser itself. Use a gentle cleanser appropriate for wood to clean the dresser. The whole experience is gross, but once they're gone, all will be fine, no residual odor or anything.

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