jcpenny trenton sectional sofa

blue3tooJuly 7, 2010


Anybody has experiences with the Trenton sectional sofa? I go around JCPENNY, COSTOCO and Macy's to find a sectional sofa. I like the Trenton sectional sofa best since I think it is the most comfortable sofa I tried recently. The picture can be found at It seems that JCPENNY stops sells it online now. I am not an expert on sofa and think the leather used on the Trenton sofa is not very good. Can any expert give me some comment on this set of sofa? My impression is that JCPENNY sells low-end furniture, therefore I am a little worried about the furniture. But the softness and support of Trenton sofa really makes it attractive.

I am looking for your comments and suggestions. thanks

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Your assumption is correct and I will add that Costco also sells at the bottom end, but I think most consumers are aware of this so their expectations are much lower on furniture purchased from this retailers.
Some furniture in Macy's are a bit better, but then again your better off buying from the manufacturer that builds it for Macy's.
Its not that difficult to make a cheap sofa with good first impressions. Its much more difficult and costly to build a sofa that sits good the first day forward to the next 10+years.
Google furniture manufacturers, and visit their website. See if they build quality furniture and stand behind it with a good warranty and support.

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Did you buy this sectional? We're looking at it as well and have similar questions.

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