best carpet for pet owners

linday12April 20, 2013

Help! I have 5 little dogs and need new carpet. Is there a carpet out there that is truly pet urine resistant? Not just stains, but odor too? Thanks for your suggestions!

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Linday -- you must love your dogs. I do too.

No carpet will survive dog urine. You need a hard surface. Carpet is porous, it will soak up and absorb any liquid. Blot if you want, use every/any cleaner, stain resister, pet De-odrizer, backing soda, etc. It will still be absorbed, it will still penetrate to the pad, it will stain and smell.

As I type this, I am taking a break from pulling up stained carpet from my aging dog. I tried for the last year to clean-up and prevent every soil -- no luck -- it is disgusting. I'm going with new HARD flooring (not sure what) but carpet is NOT the answer with any dogs that have "accidents". Sorry. :(

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That's what hubby said. I just didn't want tile in the bedroom, but I know it's stupid to put in carpet that I will have to replace again in a couple of years. Oh well...and yes, I do love them too much to get rid of them. Two of them are very old and I will not replace them, though.

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Linday, it is a challenge with the bedroom. You may want to think about a hard surface (tile, engineered wood, laminate, etc.) and then buy a really cheap area rug or just use throw rugs. Then you have a durable floor underneath and can just roll-up the area rug occasionally for professional cleaning or just launder the throw rugs.

I get your feelings about the pups -- I always say ... I love my dogs but they are a lot of work!! My old dog I've had longer than my husband -- trust me -- I use that argument when we fight about the "dogs". LOL.

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linday, why are the dogs peeing in the house? Is it an age/illness problem? Or is it a small dog-small bladder problem? Is it all the dogs, or just one? Is it one spot, or do you find it everywhere?

There might be solutions that allow you to get new carpet and keep the dogs.

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Two of them are very old, but surprisingly, they are not the worst offenders. It is the 2 chihuahuas. They do not pee on the tile, only the 2 carpeted rooms downstairs. I plan on continuing the tile into the dining room, but really wanted to keep carpet in the bedroom. Plus, our bedroom is about 350 sq ft, not counting the bathroom which I would have to demolish existing tile to include so it would all flow together. Quite an expense!

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Do they do it when you're at home, or just when they are home alone? Do they keep using the same spot? Do they pee outside when given the opportunity?

Our neighbors have 2 small dogs, and when the people aren't home, the dogs are isolated in a room with vinyl flooring, with a couple of piddle pads on the floor. If they do have to go, they use the pads.

I would not put in new carpet until the dogs are completely trained. I suspect the odor is beyond your ability to remove it; you might have to pull the carpet (maybe even replace some subfloor) to get rid of the odor, to get the dogs to understand that it isn't a toilet.

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Put them in crates when you go out.

Each in a separate small crate.

Dogs HATE living in their pee.

A crate large enough for both is probably large enough to pee at one end.

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If you get new bedroom carpet -- why don't you just keep them out of your bedroom?

Carpet is way to expensive to be peed on!

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I am tending to agree not to put new carpet in until the dog situation gets under control. However, I was at HD the other day looking at carpeting. I noticed that they do offer some carpeting which has a lifetime guarantee, including pet concerns ( not sure about odors). If you weren't aware of this, may be worth checking out. Good luck.

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It's not the carpet, it's the padding.

Look at "Flor" ... carpet tiles that can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Buy extras.

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