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etznabSeptember 2, 2010

I have a 13 old Toyota Corrolla and my husband has a 12 year old Honda Civic. We are the original owners of these cars and they have been maintained well and are generally trouble free.

We are now moving across the country and not sure what to do about the cars. There is no way either one of us is driving these cars ourselves across the country. I hate driving long distances; 3 hours is my absolute maximum, followed by a long recovery period. I spoke to one vehicle moving company and they wanted about $2,000 to haul them. I'm waiting to get other quotes.

Assuming the quotes are in the same ballpark, does it even make sense to spend that much money to transport such old cars? While they haven't yet required any significant repairs, I'm sure those are coming.

My new job offers a generous monthly car allowance, so I could afford to buy one new car. I might even be "forced" to buy a new car anyway, since I don't think my employer would appreciate the image of me coming to work in a clunker. They have already put me in touch with their local car dealership I tried to negotiate a higher relocation package instead of the car allowance with no luck. But even if I do buy a new car for myself, there is still the issue of a car for my husband.


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2000 for BOTH cars, or each..Will they be transported in an enclosed trailer/moving truck..Or driven by an employee of moving company?

I'd be inclined to sell both,thus saving at least 2k..If you get a car allowance,that would leave whatever you get for both cars,plus the 2k saved in moving them, for your husband to buy himself that 2 seat convertible he always wanted ;)

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I don't know if this is still done, but two classmates of mine got a few hundred dollars plus gas money to drive a car from the Midwest to California when they were starting grad school at Stanford. They were glad for the free transportation!

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Depending on where your new job is neither one of the cars might pass current inspection for air quality. Better to sell them where you are at than junk them when you get to your new location.

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My experience is that, assuming the cars are in average to good condition, mileage appropriate for the year, engine runs, trans shifts, the cars are worth $2000 at auction on a good day (less fees, transport, cleaning). Call that $3000 in a private sale. Look on Craigslist,, etc. to confirm private sale values.

Do the math from there.

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