How do we remove the spicy heat!

tami_ohioFebruary 15, 2012

Dear son is making jumbalya. He just called wanting to know how to take the spice out. He put too much cyanne pepper in it. Can someone help please?

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Coconut milk?

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Maybe sour cream -- that's what I add to chili when it's too hot.

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Add more rice and/or beans, celery, tomato, depending what he has in it already. Coconut milk will just make it sweet and is not a traditional ingredient for jambalaya. He could also add more chicken and some mild sausage, but whatever he does, he will end up with a lot more jambalaya. Sour cream may help on individual servings, but it should not go into the pot. Rice will help the most; jambalaya doesn't normally have beans, but they would be a welcome addition IMO and can soak up some of the heat.


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Thanks. Lars, he had already done that when I found your post and gave him a call. I had gotten some recipes in an email, maybe from Taste of Home, that I had forwarded to him. This one was in it. He did it in the crockpot. I don't know if that's what the recipe said to do or not. I don't eat it! So I didn't keep the email. The heat would probably not bother him, but the 6 year old won't eat it that hot. Rice was going to be as a bed for the rest. He said it called for 5 (I think) cloves of garlic, and he loves it. Said next time he won't put as much in. And will cut back on the cayenne. He didn't even put the hot sauce in that it called for. This must be a reallly spicy recipe!

Thanks again


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He added some brown sugar to it, too. The youngest ate about half of what was on his plate. The heat came down some from where it was when I posted the ?. Report is that it was GOOD!

Thanks again.

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