Pilot won't light but getting gas to main burner

gatightlinesDecember 1, 2008

I am in a new house with a gas fireplace that has never been lit. The unit is a Majestic 43LDVR RN that states that it has been converted to LP gas. We do not have natural gas to the house. The valve is a SIT Nova 820. I connected a 20lb tank to the outside line coming in. When I push in the pilot light knob it seems like I get gas coming from the main burner. I do not think that this is correct so I will not push my ignitor. Does anyone know what might be wrong here? The builder went bust so I can not follow up with them. Thanks for your help.

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It ought to be pretty near impossible for gas to come out of the main burner when the pilot isn't lit, so I'd suppose you are mistaken.

I's start with your comment that it "seems" like you are getting gas from the main burner. What is it that you are actually observing?

To test your theory, I'd remove the main burner and soap out the main burner orifice to find out if gas is actually coming out.

If you are simply hearing a hissing noise, it's probably just gas coming from the pilot light. You could also soap out the pilot burner to verify that.

By the "pilot light knob" I'm supposing that you are talking about the gas valve control knob, which you presumably have turned to the pilot position and are then pushing in. That permits gas to flow to the pilot burner only, and often a hissing noise can be heard coming from the pilot burner. I'm guessing that you are mistaking gas coming from the pilot burner for gas coming from the main burner.

I suppose the fireplace could be screwed up badly enough to cause the problem you describe, but someone would have to have plumbed the pilot burner gas into the main burner instead of the pilot burner.

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Thanks for your response. All of the plumbing is correct and verified with the owners manual. When I press in the gas valve control knob the fake ember cotton material on the main burner rises from the burner. I disconnected the small pilot light tubing and placed my thumb by the exit and could feel gas coming out of the pilot hole on the valve. I made sure that I could blow air through the pilot tube to make sure that it was not clogged. I am wondering if it is possible that the thermopile or the thermocouple (the one with the wires) could be giving a false reading and allowing the valve for the main burner to stay open even though the pilot light is not lit?

I also know that gas is going to the main burner since I can feel a big gust of wind at the small opening where the main burner tube goes into the main burner.

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the valve is bad Id call the nearest dealer ive never seen the burner get gas when you press in the pilot knob. thats not how the valve works i would make sure the gas inlet pressure is corecr with a manometer

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I was thinking the same thing just didn't want to believe it. I just have a small LP tank 20lb running into the valve. Does it need to have a regulator or does the valve have it's own regulator?

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I think you found your problem. how did you hook up a tank without a regulator?

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I think you are right, stovetech.

The tank should have a regulator to cut the pressure sharply, and the gas valve has another regulator to cut the gas pressure further.

It does sound like the gas valve may have been broken by the excessive gas pressure from gas directly from the tank.

That tends to be an expensive part, too.

It sounds like the equipment wasn't installed by a competent person. Be sure you have a competent person do the repair, and check over the equipment for proper operation.

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use a gas grill regulator with your 20 pound tank then hug someone you love because you could have blown up yourself

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