Ashely Furniture Millennium vs. Flexsteel Latitude Feedback

vebsJuly 9, 2009

Ashely Furniture Millenium vs. Flexsteel Latitude Feedback

I am looking to buy a reclining leather sofa for my home.

For my budget and based on the floor samples in my area, these two manufacturers models seem to fit.

Please let me know your feedback or refer me to some other websites which can compare the quality of these two.

1) Ashley Furniture - Millennium collection

2) Flexsteel - Latitude collection

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Not to be flip, but you have Bad and Worse in those two brands/items. I would not expect either to have longevity or durability. A decent sofa with dual recliners will cost twice what price out at.

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Flexsteel is a decent budget brand but I believe Latitude is the one line they carry that's made in China and hasn't gotten very good reviews (to put it mildly).

If at all possible, try to up your budget a smidgen and get a Flexsteel that's made in the USA.

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I do not find other manufacturers making reclining sofas in leather.

Do you have a suggestion where the price may be little above flexsteel but better quality ?

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You will not find a decent dual recliner sofa (new) for slightly above the Flexsteel Lattitudes / Ashley price. In order to get decent quality you will have to step up to a Bradington- Young or Hancock and Moore (or similar).

You have two recliner mechanisms, so that's going to be $ 1,000 per station with a Leggitt and Platt mechanism and then the center section along with the rest of the frame. There's a lot going on in a dual recliner sofa. Expect to pay at least $ 3K for a decent one that actually will hold up under some use. Here's one of the best in the business:

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Thanks for your help.

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You should look on your local Craig's list for a used reclining sofa. Either, you'll get a dirt cheap Ashley-type sofa that will last for a few years, or pay a bit more to get a great sofa of Hancock & Moore quality (but it will still be affordable because it's used.) With so many people going through foreclosure/financial hard times, it's a great time to buy used. You might not get it tomorrow, and you might have to compromise a bit on color/style, but it won't break the budget either. And the really fabulous thing about used is, if you hate it next year, you can resell it for about what you paid for it. If the really dire predictions bear out, and the Ashley mechanisms don't work in a year, you'll only be out a couple of hundred dollars, learned a valuable lesson, and paid about $15 dollars a month for the joy of having something to sit on. It's very easy to clean leather so there is no 'yuk' factor to used. It's something you ought to consider.

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