UK Solicitors fee's

heather-1983September 10, 2008

Hi We have just had a quote from a solicitor with regards to buying our first home. It included all the fee's from land registry transfers etc. We got quoted over £1,000! We thought this was over the top. If there's anyone reading this who knows about UK solicitors fee's could you please reply.


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Never seen anything here from anyone who would be familiar with that.

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I know nothing about fees in the UK but I'd suspect that they can vary greatly. Here in America lawyer's fee for a typical residential real estate transaction is $250-$350 (£140-£195). Now that's just the solicitor's fee for his time. Any transfer taxes, filing fees, etc. are in addition to that but are mostly government mandated (x percent of the sale price or a flat fee). We also have a form that spells all of those things out so you know exactly where you money is going before you sign anything.

Ask your solicitor to itemize the fees and explain them so you know exactly what you are paying for.

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