can I, and do I want to, recolor leather furniture?

andreagbJuly 23, 2006

Just asking. I think I already know the answer. But I thought I'd check.

A friend is selling an old ('70s? early '80s?) Ethan Allen club chair. Some overly poofy pillow-type things on the back but those are easily replaced. What I'm worried about is the leather itself, which EA called "cordovan," but which I'd describe as a rusty orange. If the chair were khaki or espresso, we'd consider it. It's in good shape. But orange?

So am I kidding myself here in wondering whether I could do something to this myself? or would you advise either reupholstering it or not buying it?

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It's possible to dye leather, but it takes a pro.

Get a quote on it. EA had some really great quality leather!

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Try googling leather dye or leather colorant. There are DIY products out there that I've looked into for smaller items like handbags, and I've actually seen a set of green motorcycle leathers that the owner dyed black that looked great and you would have never guessed they were dyed. If you're brave and paitent I don't see why a chair wouldn't be doable.

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you can check this leather dye website, you might find there the information you were looking for...

Here is a link that might be useful: leather dye

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I have to wonder about any website that makes this statement to sell its wares: *grin*

"Leather is a fabric that can last for generations."

-Duane Collie

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It can be done. I know it can, because it's what I do for a living. It does take patience, and the right materials. There are DIY progams out there that work. It'll take some research, though, like any other DIY project.
BTW, leather is a "fabric" - no, "material" - yes, "that can last for generations." I've worked on 100 year-old leather, and that covers several generations. For what it's worth.

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