car insurance glass coverage

joe_mnSeptember 6, 2009

got new insurance. see that glass coverage is tucked into the comprehensive area. my deductible is $500. that means i pay for any windshield replacement. talked to another co. they said if you get comp with glass coverage than there is no deductible. agent also said they personally have a windshield replaced about every 6 months since they live on a gravel road. huh? and thats ok? i asked if they feel any guilt by submitting so many claims and they said they figure thats why they have insurance. claims add up. could their company cancel them? why would a company want them as a customer?

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If my windshields gets a ding or crack, Geico will fix it for free. No deductible.

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Glass is almost always part of "comprehensive" or "other than collision" coverage. (wording varies by company). Some companies offer a separate "glass coverage" or "deductible buyback". Most companies offer to waive the deductible if the window can be repaired rather than replaced. The situation you have is not uncommon, it is actually the norm.

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You're right...someone at the insurance company is going to notice that pattern and either force them to change their deductible, or cancel them outright. Insurance is for unforeseeable problems, not maintenance because you keep subjecting the vehicle to a known hazard.

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Here in ND, because of the rocks, deer etc any insurance company that sells in this state cannot limit the amount of times the windows are replaced. It is a state law. We had our front and side windows replaced withing 2 months of buying the car due to rocks. They cannot cancel or raise your rates either. Most cars do have a 100.00 deductable.

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I had no-deductible glass coverage for my Jeep, which had only a glass windshield- the other windows were plastic. I replaced the windshield 3 times, and they (State Farm) even wrote me a check to cover the plastic window when it shattered in an ice storm. But it *was* a very interesting conversation with the glass shop I was transferred to when making the claim!

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