water pot for on top of stove

spike36ffDecember 15, 2005

I was wondering if anyone has put some type of pot on top of their stove to let water evaporate? I am using a P68 pellet stove, which has been great. But its a dry heat.

Any help of what to use or where buy will be greatly appreciated. Ray

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Sorry guess they are called steamers, has anyone had any luck using them

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I just put a pot I bought at the Linen store in the kitchen dept. Wide open with handles on both sides to manuveur easily without spilling. . . . seems to work fine. The bottoms get a bit crusty, but I haven't found a way around that. I've tried stainless, and enameled, both get crusty and ruined for anything else.

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I bought a nice cast Iron Pot at lowes for steaming water. It's nice looking and I loose a inch or two each day. What works 100 plus times better is my Ultrsonic Humidifier. It holds I think 1 or 2 Gallons and I put it on my hopper lid on my Harman DVC 500 rice coal stove. It puts out a stong mist which falls right down over the hot air blowing out and blends well. I run through the whole amount each day. The cast iron pot is cute but does very little. The hopper lid gets warm at best. Works great for me.

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We used to use a big ironstone coffee percolator, the big kind you occasionally see in rail road caboose pictures.

We left the lid off it, and often made tea with the water...

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i use a 1 gallon cast iron pot on a wood not pellet stove. at this time of the year i go thru about 2 gallons of water a day, depending upon outside temps. makes a big difference.


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I bought a small black kettle for one of my wood inserts and a brass train sits atop my other insert ... The train is neat as the steam comes out of the stack as the water heats up. It was a gift, so not sure where it was bought.

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I use a vaporizer it puts out lot more moisture in the room than having water sitting in a pot. Also will bring up the temperture in the room more quickly.

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