Glue Down Laminate Floors

valenciaMarch 27, 2011

Is there a glue down laminate floor? I would like the durability of laminate and the solid feel of non floating hardwood floor. Recently I saw a Homelegend laminate at Home Depot that looks very good; however, I don't like the sound of floating floor and I don't want transitions from room to room that floating floors require. We have a concrete floor.

Many thanks.

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no such thing exists. Laminate needs to float for expansion. Why aren't you looking at a glue down engineered floor? Same type of finish, more solid sounding and easily refinishable unlike laminate.

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Exactly what boxers says! Engineered floor I believe will meet your needs.

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Or, why not a quality vinyl tile or plank? No need ever to refinish and it is not real wood.

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Many thanks to all who replied to my message. I was thinking that a laminate built like an engineered floor, able to be be glued down to concrete, would be the utlimate solution--no need to resurface or screen. I understand this does not exist. I am not considering vinyl or plank because I would like to make a smooth transition from 20+-year old slate, which is in my kitchen, to flooring in the family room and elswhere downstairs, which is now carpet. Boxers and GlennSFC, I will be researching engineered hardwood that can take traffic.

Thanks again.

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There are acrylic impregnated engineered wood flooring choices out there you could consider, although they are rarely used in residences. They are more expensive to purchase and are not stocked by retailers.

I like the acrylic impregnation concept, as you can have a wood floor of a domestic species that is durable and less susceptible to denting. You usually find these products in mall stores, boutiques and other commercial venues.

If you go with a vinyl plank, research what's out there to get the skinny on which perform best. I have had great luck with flooring from Toli...a Japanese manufacturer.

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