Need wood stove suggestions for manufactured home

bookertDecember 20, 2006

We want to install a wood stove on a raised hearth to help heat our 2400 sq.ft. home.

Any suggestions on which brand or make? There are so many different ones out there and most say they are the best.

We want a middle of the line, energy efficient model that has a excellent reputation for working without problems.

We plan to use wood as we like the flames, so pellet stoves are not an option.

Thanks for any help you may have. I'm in So.Ca. if that helps me locating a dealer.

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First, is the home a "manufactured" home meaning a mobile (single, double, triple wide) or is it a modular home meaning no metal frame?
I ask this for the simple reason that if it's modular you can put in any stove you wish as long as clearances are followed. But some stoves are not certified for mobile home installation no matter how large the home is.

Is the home one level or two? Ranch? Cape? Colonial? Grambel? Bi level or as known in some areas as "split entry"?

What part of the home do you want to heat? You really don't the stove to be heating the bedrooms as cool bedrooms are better. If it's just the family room or living room and maybe the kitchen you want to heat, then just about any brand of stove is good as long as you have a dealer nearby that can service it if the need arises. Do not go to Home Depot or a big box store as you will never get any service. And don't order one from across the country as shipping costs can add up.

My personal feeling is you should get a non cat stove as they are the latest in burn technology. Unburned gasses are recycled into the burn chamber and ignited before exiting. And the blue flames can be rather attractive at times.

I know of one company, "AVALON" that is in Washington State and they make an EXCELLENT stove that I believe is certified for mobile installatons also.

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Thanks for the info.
We have a triple manuf. home, single level.
We just want to place it in a corner of the living room adjacent to the outside perimeter wall.

Please explain what a non-cat stove is? Since there are family members w/allergies it sounds great!

I can ck. if Avalon is sold here in So. Ca. somewhere.
A neighbor has a stove in her manuf. home so I know it can be done, but we do want to be legal!!! =)

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Wood stoves are the only item besides automobiles that must meet EPA emissions tests.

There are two types of stove designs. Catalytic and non catalytic. The catalytic or "cat" stoves have a catalytic converter that reduces emissions. These must be maintained by not burning certain types of scrap wood because the low moisture in kiln dried wood can destroy the cat. They basically are old design stoves that have the "cat" added to help them pass EPA emissions. Some swear by them, others swear at them.

The newer design stoves have "clean burn" technology that reburns the gasses before they go up the chimney. These are the latest in technology.

I really don't think you need a large stove in Southern California. So the Avalon "Ranier" might be best suited for you. I had a similar stove for many years when I lived in PA and it served me very well. I currently have a Regency here in my home in Vermont. It's a GREAT stove. It kept us comfy last year when the temps went to minus 30 degrees at night. I got this brand simply because I didn't like the local Avalon dealer.

You will need a hearth pad or something non combustable under the stove that extends 18 inches in front, and heat shields on the sides and back unless you have a noncombustable wall to put it against. And even with the heat shields you will need the stove to be a fair distance from the wall. But an installer can do it correctly.

You will possibly be looking at about $2500 for the stove, stovepipe and stainless steel chimney including installation. It'll take about 3 hours for a pro to do all the work.

But just because I have a perticular brand doesn't mean you should get it too. Find a COUPLE of stove shops and look at what they have. You want that stove to have LOCAL service in the unlikely event you need something.

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