9 inch tiles = asbestos?

April774March 8, 2011

Hi - Im looking to buy an 1892 Victorian. Horrible pink dirty carpet exists in the 3 bedrooms upstairs and under it is 9 inch tiles with black mastic.. asbestos? Also - several big pipes near the furnace. They are bright silver and condition looks ok. Does anyone know what to look for to tell if they contain ACM? Any other likely locations for ACM in an 1892 house? Thanks!!

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asbestos floor tiles are very common. fortunately it isn't the kind of asbestos that becomes easily airborne (like acoustic ceiling tiles) so it really isn't such a big deal unless you go at it with a sledge hammer. another common place to find asbestos is a paper-like insulation around ducts and pipes. the typical advice is to leave it alone.

other common asbestos areas are ceiling tiles and old asbestos-cement siding.

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almost all homes have some asbestos products in them. Its not a deal breaker. If you cover the tiles you'll be fine and as mentioned unless your sanding or smashing them there is no exposure.

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