Help! My gas fireplace keeps lighting itself

storey3December 8, 2007

I guess the subject line says it all. I have searched and searched and haven't seen this issue come up.

We have a 2 year old Lennox propane fireplace and recently it has begun igniting itself. We have been using it fairly regularly at night but the past three days, at least, we noticed that it will randomly ignite by itself. It does have a remote but the remote has not been pushed. Can someone please help identify what is wrong with it and hopefully, how to fix it? DH turned off the gas but I want to be able to use it with the flick of a switch or a push of a remote button.

Please help!


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Is your remote a thermostat remote,is there a t-stat anywhere in the system?

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No, it doesn't have a thermostat at all. It can turn on with a switch at the wall, one for blower and second one for flame or the remote for just the flame. We've never had this issue before either.
Thanks for your response.

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Radio interferrence? Pet stepping on the remote?

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and your sure the remote is not a t-stat remote, correct?

Take the batteries out of the remote transmitter and see if it stops.

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Hmmm. No pets here. The radio wasn't on at the time. No, no t-stat in the remote.
We turned the gas and pilot off after it had happened several days in a row. we re-lit it 2 nights ago. To the best of our knowledge it has not happened again. Could that have fixed the problem or should we call a technician, do you think?
Thanks for taking the time to help us problem solve!

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I have had the exact same problem for two years, however I do not have a remote, only wall a switch. The service tech said I needed a new switch, didn't work. Then, he wanted to just start replacing parts, I said no thank you. I've made several calls and no one knows what to do, so if you find the answer, please let me know. As you will find out, this is a sporadic problem. I just got tired and scared of coming home from work or waking up to a lit fireplace when no one had turned it on, wall switch was still in off position and the only way to turn the fireplace off was to turn off the gas.

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ghost. for sure. we had one in our last house. ask it to leave. tell them it's better on the other side and to go toward the light. GL.

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The most likely cause of this problem is that wiring is burned or shorted out. Two low voltage wires extend from the remote control receiver to the gas valve, and perhaps from a separate toggle switch to the gas valve.

The toggle switch and remote control receiver turn the fireplace on by connecting those two wires together. If they are shorted together any other place it will also turn the fireplace on.

So I'd start by inspecting those wires.

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Thank you SeattlePioneer. I think you nailed it. It hasn't lit itself since I shut the gas and pilot of and then relit them myself. I probably moved the toggle switch when I was down under there. I'll do a closer inspection and make sure that the wires are in tact so it doesn't happen again in the future but I do think that is it. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

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Any radio amateurs nearby? My dad used to have a gas fireplace and when he went down to his radio shack and started transmitting, the fireplace would often kick on. In this particular case, his radio gear was just below (downstairs) from the fireplace. We added some shielding and the problem went away. If it's not this, I'd start looking for ghosts.


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