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sjk2149December 27, 2009

We recently had installed a Country Flame to replace the one we had. It had been a work horse, keeping our 1,800sf home toastie. As we are older the warmer the better. It was installed in July 09 and we started using it this November. The temps here dropped to 9 degrees and our instert going full till only kept our home at fifty degrees. As we paid 3,800 installed we expected to at the very least to stay warm. I contacted the Company where we bought it and discused what was going on. His reply was that I now own a 'used unit' and there wasn't much he could do. He admited he had never seen the size of my home( my living room alone is 16x33) and that if he had he never would have sold us the unit he did. As it will only keep one forth of my home warm do to the size. He had sent his installers out who sold us the unit. I contacted the BBB and made a complaint, which really made him angry. He said for another 3,500 AND a new liner we can get the size insert we need. Our liner is 6" and he said we will need a 8". Other than that he will 'keep' me in mind if a used Buck comes in that meets our needs.

So all together this man wants a total of around 7K from us. We live on a fixed income thus the wood heat. My husband is blind, diabetic and we both are freezing with winter just starting. Even our little dog's fur is cold when you touch it! Are there any agencies that anyone knows of that can help us resolve this issue with this company? We think he took advantage of us and now wants even more money! Freezing in Missouri.

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How about small claims court? It seems the installers sold you the wrong sized unit knowing it was inadequate for your needs. You should be willing to pay the difference in price between the unit you have and the unit you need, but no more. You should sue for the correct sized stove. Give it a try, it'll only cost you a few bucks filing fee, but the dealer has to come to court. Maybe suit papers will make him want to resolve the issue.

But KEEP all correspondence with him. If he calls and his number shows up on caller ID, let the machine take the message, and SAVE IT! You may need it in court if he's nasty.

Remember, all you want is the CORRECT unit for your home, nothing more.

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Post the name of the company that did that to you. We will lite a "Freakin Inferno" in his email, Website if He has one, and even snail mail. Well at least that succer wont be cold when He dies!!!!!!!!


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Thank you both for the good info. The name of the store is 'Smitty's Chimney Sweep & Stoves' 4535 W. Chestnut Expy
Springfield, MO 65802. Vernon Smith owner no email that I know of, but he must have one for the BBB to have sent him an email.
I will check the small claims court, but someone said we may not have much of a case? Won't know till I try.
Gary that last remark....thanks for making me laugh!

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The company has a web-site.
Here it is:
There is a place on the site where you can post your review of the company----there is already a review there by another unfortunate customer (Read it for yourselves)
I would add your experiences there but give him a chance to "Do the right thing" first.
My wife's twin sister's husband is diabetic and has lost part of his foot, and is also in dialysis--soooo--- I know how important it is to keep them warm (their house is always too warm for me) and we are in Calif.
I would also call your local news as well as your local TV station and explain you plight (Problem)---maybe one of them get off their duff and help????
Do you have natural gas there?
Anyway, We loading up the Cannons!!!!
Good luck to ya!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Chimney Sweep

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