New trend in billing??

cupajoeSeptember 16, 2004

Twice this year we have paid in full at the time of service in a doctor's office only to recieve an additional bill many months later saying that they overlooked some charge.I am amazed.I'll bet they don't send additional bills to insurance companies.We are sending the amount,but wonder if there are any laws or regulations about this type of billing.If they haven't discovered any error in six months ,shouldn't there be some kind of statute of limitations on changing the initial amount on the bill?Anyone else experience this phenomenon?Sandy

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I've never had this happen, but unless the original bill says something to the effect that paying it will pay your account off in full, there is nothing I can think that could stop them from billing you later for something they forgot to charge you for originally.

The problem with a "statute of limitations" type of regulation would be that in order to make it fair, it would probably have to cut both ways. If you discovered after six months that you had been overcharged for something, you would certainly want a refund, and you'd deserve it. In the same way, if they forgot to charge you for a service they legitimately provided, it would seem to me that they deserve to be paid for it.

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they very definitely do send amended bills to insurance companies.

If this is happening in the same doctor's office, you might register a friendly complaint. Be a squeaky wheel; maybe they'll get their act together.

And I *would* complain quite pointedly if they were changing the RATE: if they said, "oh, we forgot, a doctor's visit is $85, not $75."

If what was going on is they realized they forgot to charge you for the immunication, that's a different thing--still evidence of bad organization and communication in their office, though.

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I have gotten two bills from two different places, one with a slight amount and one with zero dollars, for visits from over a year earlier. When I called regarding each of these, they explained that their system automatically kicks out a statement when they have their annual audit, something to do with their billing system. The one with a slight balance, they said it was an error in their system, and they zeroed out my account.

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Most of my doc and hosp bills are paid by universal medical insurance.

As of July of this year, we have to pay an insurance amount, but previous to that, for several years, nothing.

I do have to pay for some things - e.g. PSA test for prostate trouble, which our family has. Earlier that was $20., but recently $40. - for a more complicated test.

Maybe some of you should move to Canada.

ole joyful

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