Wall Art Above a Sofa

dellagiammussoJune 21, 2013

. . I currently have this wall art above my sofa, and thinking of moving it upstairs to a large wall space that I think will suit the room better. Here's the pic of it above the sofa. Let me know if it's too big from ceiling to just above the couch. I know the width is ok. Thinking of moving it upstairs in the loft which has a larger spacious wall and taking my nephew pics down and hanging them elsewhere. Let me know your thoughts. If I do move the pic upstairs, I would like to replace wall art above couch with this picture that is 48 inch square. The couch is 90 inches long.

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Posting this on the decorating board will garner better answers!

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In my opinion several nice quality framed prints is a better look, although I do think the wall art you have is attractive.

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I'm thinking you should move it to a space where the top doesn't have to come so close to the ceiling. Pretty room, by the way!

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