Are pallet leftovers considered seasoned?

MustardbombDecember 21, 2010

My wife and I recently bought a load of small to large rectangle and square blocks of wood from a vendor who got them from a pallet company, and that sells them for firewood and other things like coal etc. They don't appear to be from old pallets as they don't have nails and aren't the thin pieces, they are about the size of the old metal lunchboxes kids carried to school. Some larger and some smaller. They seem to be leftovers from possibly making pallets. The reason I am posting this is because we recently had a chimney fire because we had been burning non-seasoned wood, (rookie mistake I know) and have since started buying and burning seasoned wood, with great success. We are wondering if this type of wood will cause creosote buildup like the unseasoned wood did, and if there is a way to test this wood to see if it is safe to burn. They said the pallet company delivered this wood to them around September of this year. We have the small Pacific Energy stove. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Does your stove have a catalytic converter? If so, do not use this wood. It's more than just seasoned wood, it's kiln dried, just like the pine boards you get from the lumber yard. And I have been told that this wood could damage the CAT. But otherwise, use it! It'll burn HOT and fast as there's very little moisture so it's great for starting fires or adding to an existing fire to get the stove temp up.

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